Fight Night: Boxing Promoter Legend in talks with EA Sports to bring back iconic Franchise

At the end of February, we saw Tyson Fury will the hearts of people worldwide with an incredible comeback story.

The level of hype surrounding the fight along with rumours legendary promoter Eddie Hearn was trying to resurrect something gave everyone hope.

We told you it was coming. And it is!

After nearly a decade since the peak of Boxing gaming, Eddie Hearn has confirmed he is in talks with EA Sports about resurrecting the Fight Night Franchise.

What do we know?

Through this tweet, you can see Eddie Hearn address over 2,000 fans on his Instagram live that he has been in talks with EA Sports

eddie hearn fight night tweet
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It starts innocently with a question about Fight Night Champion and Hearn replies "I've got a few things in the fire on Fight Night Champion" with a trademark cheeky grin.

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He goes on to say; "I've got this little Fight Night idea which I've pitched to EA Sports, which is really interesting...It's not just a virtual game, it's much more complicated than that."

fight night ty
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It will be interesting to see how he plans to link the virtual and non-virtual worlds, but with his invested interest in streaming platform DAZN, there are possibilities. It might be this is timed to launch with the PS5 and Xbox Series X next-gen consoles.

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He continues by saying he always gets asked and the return would be huge. This isn't the first time Hearn has helped Boxing push its boundaries with other target audiences, he has helped elevate the YouTube boxing scene to achieve insane numbers of PPV at the Logan Paul v KSI 2 fight.

Usually, Hearn's on the money with his ideas, so watch this space. This is the first time he's mentioned bringing back Fight Night.

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