EA’s upcoming games for 2020: Expected Releases, Major Titles, Consoles & more

EA (Electronic Arts) has released its 3rd quarterly results.

This, as well as information for investors, may lead to some big things coming from EA this year.

We have heard that EA plans to release multiple titles in
the next financial year.

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Read below to find out more about EA’s plans and set
releases for the year, as well as their brief pipeline moving through 2020.

Expected Releases

From a video games analyst named Daniel Ahmed. We have our hands on a pipeline which outlines EA’s future plans to release games over the next year.

There are “Four sports titles” expected to release. This will include both FIFA and Madden.

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GRONKOWSKI - Are you excited for the next Madden title?

However, we are unsure as to what the other 2 sports-based games could be.

We can also expect to see “Four titles from third-party /indie developers”.

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This shows EA is reaching out to boost other developers. However,
EA has the ability to place restrictions and time limits on the development.

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A NEW HOPE - Could this year be a turning point for EA?

This is to keep investors happy, but can end up hurting the
state of the game in the long run.

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We also know of “Two new mobile games in soft launch”. This is most likely to be FIFA and Madden updates/releases.

Major title Releases

The Major releases we can expect from EA include a remastering of Command & Conquer.

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BECOME THE CONQUEROR - We have our fingers crossed for the next Command & Conquer

We can also see some releases from EA where they have worked with DICE and Bioware.

However, we know this won’t include a new Battlefield or Star Wars game, as these are set to release after 2020.

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An exciting possibility is the VR remake of Medal of Honour.

This has been named ‘Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond'.

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GAMEPLAY - EA want to aim for 'authentic' over 'realism'

Currently, we have seen an Oculus Rift trailer so we are
certain it will release on PC. We have no news on whether the game will release
on consoles this year.

Other Consoles

EA has shown some interest in the Nintendo Switch.

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THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE - Is the Switch the greatest console... ever?

CFO Blake Jorgensen said EA is interested in the console due to its fast growth in popularity.

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However, they have also said:

“the top-selling titles by a long shot are all Nintendo software.”

This means EA is not interested in creating their own software to allow their games to run on the Switch.

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