Battlefield 1: Rank 10 guns breakdown

In Battlefield 1, unique weapons are locked behind a hard to reach class rank of 10. But which ones are worth earning?

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In Battlefield 1, when you reach Rank 10 with each class you unlock a unique weapon. However, it takes a very long time to reach this rank, so I’ll be looking at all four of the weapons and analysing what ones are worth the grind.

Assault: Hellriegel


The Hellriegel is undoubtedly the best Level 10 weapon. The main disadvantage of an SMG is the small magazine, only allowing you to kill one or two people before needing a reload. The Hellriegel solves this issue with a massive 60 round drum mag without heavy sacrifices to other statistics. It still has a good fire rate of 650 RPM and hip fire accuracy. Neither are as good as the Automatico’s, another great SMG, but they are not too much of a drop. Overall I think the Hellriegel is the best SMG for its massive magazine size, and all around good attributes. This is one prized possession worth the effort.


Medic: Selbstlader 1906 Factory

I’m not sure what DICE were thinking when they made this the Level 10 unlock. The gun does the standard three shot kill at any range, yet has a tiny magazine capacity of five. This makes the gun vastly overshadowed by other weapons in the class, which can hold up to 26 rounds and do the same damage. This cripples the weapon as you can’t even kill more than two people with a single clip without needing to reload. The weapon doesn’t even provide you with a one shot headshot for crying out loud. This weapon deserves and serious buff, and should be avoided like the plague in the mean time.


Support: Hout Automatic Low Weight

The support is another class that struggles to have an impressive Level 10 reward, settling to be a more middle of the road weapon than a show-off. It has a smaller magazine when compared with other LMGs, holding only 26 rounds, meaning you won’t be putting down a lot of suppressive fire with it. It also has a low fire rate of 475 RPM, making the option of a run and gun weapon but a dream. It offers another low statistic, this one being the recoil, however. The kick on the weapon is pretty light, and will allow you to stay on target easily. To me, it doesn’t feel like an LMG, but more like a mid-tier assault rifle from a modern game. It’s pretty underwhelming in all honesty, and though it isn’t dreadful, its not something I envisioned the supposed best gun in the class being.


Scout: Martini Henry

The Martini Henry is more fun than practical. It seems like the most overpowered thing when you get killed by it, but when you’re behind the trigger you realise its more balanced than you originally thought. Yes, it does one shot kill, but only in the sweet shot of 30-80 metres away. You won’t always be at this distance, so you will have to go through the lengthy reload to hit the follow up shot. That’s because the rifle can only chamber one round at a time. This makes the one shot kill potential more balanced, as well as the fact it can only use iron sights. Because of these two significant disadvantages, you will be better off using a different sniper, but it is undoubtable that it is fun to completely demolish someone with a single loud boom. 

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