Minecraft PS5 Ray Tracing: Nvidia and Minecraft, RTX Graphics Cards, Xbox Series X, Ray Tracing and More!

The next-gen consoles are set to release later this year
with some awesome new hardware and software.

This will allow them to push framerates and resolutions
almost as high as PC systems.

Along with these new consoles, many fans are excited to see the addition of Ray Tracing. This is a process in which the system is able to trace paths of light to create accurate sceneries.

Although this sounds simple it takes a lot of power from the
graphical processing unit. This is why previous generation consoles were not
previously capable of this.

From what we’ve seen of the PS5 so far, it is still unclear as to whether Ray Tracing will be enabled on the console.

Nvidia and Minecraft

Nvidia has paired with Minecraft to create a beautiful looking game using Ray Tracing. When you compare the standard edition to this version of the game, it seems like an entirely new edition of the game.

minecraft rtx ps5 ray tracing
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STUNNING SIMPLICITY - Minecraft is still using its low-resolution nature to create some simple but wonderful sceneries.

Although Nvidia has made a huge effort to ensure Minecraft is transforming into a beautiful game. Ray Tracing is currently available on a number of Triple-A titles on PC.

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Ray Tracing seems like something both Sony and Microsoft will be looking to add to their next-gen consoles. But is currently still in a beta testing phase for Minecraft, on PC.

RTX Graphics Cards

RTX Graphics Cards are currently only available on PC systems. These are produced by Nvidia and are the only cards currently on the market that allow for Ray Tracing features.

nvidia rtx 2080 ti minecraft ps5
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BEST OF THE BEST - The RTX 2080 Ti is considered one of the best graphics cards on the market!

These cards are very expensive when compared to the other Graphics Cards on the market. If implanted into gaming consoles, this could make Ray Tracing hardware much more accessible.

Nvidia is likely to release their Quadro RTX card next year which will make the current range of Ray Tracing cards cheaper.

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Fortunately, the RTX 2060 and range is a much more affordable range while still allowing Ray Tracing capabilities.

Xbox Series X and Ray Tracing

With our first look at the specs of the next-gen consoles, it is clear that the Xbox Series X has far superior hardware when compared to the PS5.

xbox series x 2020 ray tracing ps5
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CREATE AND EXPLORE - Minecraft can be fun for all the family!

This could mean the PS5 won’t feature RTX for games like Minecraft, but this isn’t confirmed.

Whether Sony has other plans to include Ray Tracing for other games is unclear and is quite possible if the hardware is included at release.

It seems more likely that Sony will release some sort of ‘PS5 Pro’ that will feature more advanced hardware and software for better features like Ray Tracing.

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We will have to wait for more information from Sony regarding their next-gen console and whether or not Ray Tracing is a feature they are interested in pursuing.

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