Microsoft Flight Simulator: VR -Will it feature on Xbox? PC, PS4, Next-Gen & more

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to release this year, but will it be available in VR? Find out here.

by Oscar Dobbins
Microsoft flight simulator vr xbox next gen

Flight Simulator is expected to set the bar high in terms of ultra-realism, and Microsoft sure has had some practice at producing these simulators.

Flight Sim X and the Flight Simulator Series were met with high praise so expectations are up there for the next instalment.

The game is set to release on PC and Xbox, but there is some expectation for the game to release with VR capabilities.

However, there is little information regarding VR integration.

Continue below to find out if it will make it to Next-Gen and other platforms!


Xbox and Next-Gen

Flight Sim is set to release on the Xbox due to its main development coming from Microsoft. This is great for its player base/community as it effectively doubles the number of players who can have access to the game.

flight simulator city 2020
THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING: Fly from London to Tokyo in this
truly immersive experience!

There is some concern regarding the performance of the simulator on the Xbox One. This is due to the level of detail Flight Sim goes too to create a realistic world.

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Therefore, there is an expectation that the game will release on the Xbox Series X at the release of the console. This is a great way to show off the power of the Series X, as it may be able to compete with the graphics on PC.

PC – Microsoft Store

PC has always been the ‘Master Race’ in terms of graphics and performance. The case will be the same for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

From the gameplay, we’ve seen, and the engine used, the graphics look incredible! With rendered leaves buildings and traffic, this is the most realistic experience.

first person flight sim
CHANGE PERSPECTIVE: You’ll be able to experience new horizons in 2020!

The game will be available on the Microsoft Store, rather than the usual Steam platform. This is due to its creators Microsoft.

A lot of new games that release on the Microsoft Store very quickly find their way onto the Xbox Game Pass, one of these being Halo Infinite releasing later this year.

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Given this, there is a possibility the same will happen to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality market becomes more and more accessible by the day. With systems becoming more advanced and prices dropping, we are seeing a more mainstream audience becoming invested in VR.

perspective flight sim
TAKE TO THE SKY: Interact with a real-time world with natural disasters
and moving traffic!

Phil Spencer, the Executive at Xbox says, ‘Nobody is asking for VR’ and the market is growing very slowly, click here to read more about Phil Spencer’s perspective on VR.

Currently, there is no plan to add VR at the release of Flight Simulator, however, this may be added in the future.

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Fans are wondering why this may be as it seems like the game would be perfect for VR inclusion. It is unfortunate, but we can keep our fingers crossed for this to come.

Oscar Dobbins