Minecraft Xbox Series X: Ray Tracing, Graphics, Next-Gen, Comparisons, Technical Demo, Path Tracing, PS5 and more

Next-gen is set to showcase some seriously powerful machines. We'll see some vast enhancements with loading times, sound quality, and with Minecraft Xbox Series X, ray tracing.

But with the enhancement, what does that mean for the game's signature look and style?

Let's take a look at everything we know about ray tracing for Minecraft Xbox Series X.

Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing

For those who may not know, ray tracing is a rendering technique that works by 'tracing a path' of light and simulating what happens when it hits different objects.

In short - you know how light bounces off objects differently? Ray tracing can do that in real-time.

The difference when it's turned on, is very noticeable as you'll see with some of the comparisons.

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But how will this look with Minecraft on Xbox Series X?

Technical demo

A technical demo was released which showed what ray tracing would look like on Minecraft Xbox Series X.

To be more specific, it showed 'path tracing' which is essentially a more realistic version of ray tracing.

The footage shows off just how different the game looks with ray tracing on.

Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing
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RAY TRACING TO THE LEFT OF ME...: The differences between the two are quite substantial

Improved Lighting

Since ray tracing concerns itself with lighting, that's understandably where we'll see the most enhancements.

Minecraft is a real source of immersion and escapism for millions of players worldwide.

With ray tracing on, there are some vast improvements in capturing that 'sense of place', which could really take you to the world you've created.

Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing 1
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MORE DEPTH: The image to the left captures much more variety than the right

One area specifically which could look very different, are the surface details.

In Minecraft, there's a huge amount of different materials and textures that make up the world. Light hits these objects very differently in real life, so expect this with ray tracing on too.

Instead of seeing a flat surface on a rock for instance, with ray tracing on you'll see the texture more. The same goes for other objects, like water.

Instead of the surface appearing to be one large mass of blue, you'll now be able to see the depth of the water in a more realistic way.

Minecraft Xbox Series X Ray Tracing 2
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NEW HEIGHTS: Ray tracing looks to bring Minecraft into the next-gen

What about PS5?

We know that the PS5 will have advanced ray-tracing capabilities.

However, we're yet to see any official footage of what Minecraft could look like running on PS5 technology.

Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to catch our first glimpse!

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