Minecraft: How to tame foxes, where do foxes spawn, how to breed foxes & more

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most beloved games ever created, and its world is set to expand with the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons game.

This is thanks to its open sandbox nature that has allowed players to create, and recreate, anything they can think of.

It's not just all about building and mining though. There are plenty of animals you can farm or turn into pets to make your perfect little life.

One of the newest, and trickiest, animals in the Minecraft world is the fox.

Where to foxes spawn?

Foxes can be tricky to track down.

They will only be found in taiga biomes. That's the cold forests that feature spruce trees. They aren't very common, but do usually spawn in groups of three or four which offsets the rarity.

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If there's no snow you'll get the red foxes, but if there is snow on the ground you'll get white arctic foxes.

Can you tame a fox?

Unfortunately, foxes aren't that simple in Minecraft. They aren't like wolves where you can throw them a few bones and they become your best friend.

It is a good deal harder than that!

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ADORABLE: Foxes are nocturnal and will curl up in the shade

You'll need to breed foxes before you can tame one. That sounds backwards, but don't worry we've got the steps you need to follow.

First, get yourself some sweet berries (from those prickily red bushes) and a lead. Then you'll need to find a group of foxes. As they are nocturnal you'll have better luck at night, but that comes with the obvious risk of more hostile mobs.

Once you find a group you'll need to approach slowly and quietly so you don't spook them.

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When you are close enough, feed sweet berries to two foxes. They will give off the usual hearts and out will pop a baby fox!

Immediately attach your lead to it or it will start following the nearby adults. Once they grow up they will fully trust you and not flee from you.

Do tamed foxes follow you?

Unfortunately, foxes won't be your trusty companion on an adventure like tame wolves.

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CAREFUL: Foxes will flee if you approach them too quickly

You'll need a lead if you want to bring foxes anywhere with you, and since they like to sleep during the day they are best left at home.

Secure your chickens

Even if you don't plan on taming foxes, you need to be aware of them.

These cute mobs can really jump, and will easily get into your chicken coop if you've just used normal fence.

It's time to build the walls a little higher and even figure out a roof to make sure your supply of eggs remains unhindered.

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