Minecraft Dungeons Mobile: Will it release on Android & iOS?

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Minecraft remains one of the most popular games ever as it approaches 10 years on the market.

The openworld, creative adventure has captivated millions, and Minecraft Dungeons is the next chapter in that universe.

departing the freedom of your Minecraft world, Dungeons puts you in a classic dungeon crawler game where you will need to battle waves of mobs to progress and save the world!

With many console & PC games getting Mobile versions recently, can we expect Minecraft Dungeons to make its way onto Android & iOS platforms?

Minecraft Dungeons mobile release date

Unfortunately, Minecraft Dungeons will not be available on mobile.

While the game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, there won't be a mobile version of the game.

minecraft map
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GOING ON AN ADVENTURE: Be ready for anything

Or at least, not just yet.

If there's one thing the gaming industry has done well recently it is convert games to be playable on your phone. Somewhere down the line Mojang could easily turn their eye to putting Minecraft Dungeons into a mobile game.

Minecraft Dungeons cost

You don't have to pay triple-A title prices for Minecraft Dungeons. At just £14.99 ($29.99) it is very reasonably priced.

Xbox and PC players can get the Hero Edition for £24.99 ($29.99), which will give them access to two future DLCs as well as a few in-game items.

Minecraft Dungeons release date

The latest Minecraft game will be out on 26 May, 2020.

Minecraft Dungeons story mode gameplay
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HERE COMES TROUBLE: Get ready for wave after wave of enemy

That release date is for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, so no one will have access before the rest of the Minecraft community!

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