Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods secrets: Guide, Locations and more

Struggling to uncover the mysteries of the woods? Let us point you in the right direction, adventurer!

by Ramzi Musa
Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets

It’s out now and boy is it great! If you’ve got your hands on the title, you’ll probably want to discover everything, so here’s where to find some of the Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods secrets.

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods secrets

Creeper Woods is the second area you unlock in Minecraft Dungeons. As with all the areas, there are some secrets to discover, and you’ll definitely want to check them out!

The following screens are from Youtuber ZaFrostPet, keep reading for our breakdown of the guide!

Secret Location 1

Located towards the middle of the map, you’ll find a gate that will open into another area.

MInecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets Locations 1 1
OPEN SESAME: Head over to here for the first secret area. Credit – ZaFrostPet

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Secret Location 2

Make your way over to the middle of the clearing.

Once you’re there you’ll see a wall with 3 orange marks, which almost look like a face. There’s a pressure pad near it. Press it and the wall will open!

Now get in there adventurer! A dungeon and its bounty awaits – just be prepared to do battle before you get it.

MInecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets Locations 1 2
IN THE CLEAR: You’ll find the entrance to a dungeon right here. Credit – ZaFrostPet

Secret Location 3

Keep making your way through the map by heading North. Eventually you’ll come to an area with a small house, which you can enter into.

There should be some supplies, plus, it’s always nice to escape the action for a while!

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WELCOME HOME: Make sure to grab as much as you can! Credit – ZaFrostPet

On different playthroughs, you’ll encounter different locations for some of the items and chests, thanks to the titles procedurally generated maps. However, these locations should stay the same!

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Ramzi Musa