Minecraft Dungeons Pumpkin Pastures rune: Location, Guide & more

By now the secret is out about runes in each Minecraft Dungeons location, so players are scrambling to find each to unlock the secret at the end of the game.

While we're willing to show you where you can find the rune in Pumpkin Pastures, and guide you to getting it, we won't be revealing the end-game secret. For that, you'll have to work a little bit.

But for now, let's go over how to reach the secret rune on Pumpkin Pastures.

Pumpkin Pastures is a fantastic map visually with the colors of Autumn throughout the background and some interesting architecture all-around. The only thing that ruins it are those pesky illagers ready around every corner.

To navigate Pumpkin Pastures effectively, you'll need to be prepared to fight in narrow or visually crowded areas. That's because much of the combat will fall around lush trees, buildings, and other visual clutter. That means sometimes fighting enemies you can't see, and dealing with narrow choke points.

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To best handle these problems, 2-handed melee weapons and ranged weapons will be quite powerful. Artifacts can also be strong, like the Corrupted Beacon, because of how much damage they can do in these narrow fights. Much like ranged weapons, it's hard to miss an AOE beam in a narrow passageway.

Finding the secret rune

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BOXED OUT- Most would never spot this button so ingeniously tucked away behind these boxes

The secret rune in Pumpkin Pastures is one of the more out of the way runes in the game. So don't feel bad if you missed it entirely on your first couple runs of the level.

You can find the rune tucked away behind a pile of crates on a stone wall about midway through the level. It's a bit out of the way, but it's just right of your natural path.

Once you hit the button next to these crates, a secret door will open at the end of the wall that will lead you to the rune room.

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