Minecraft Dungeons Corrupted Cauldron: How to beat it, boss battle, Soggy Swamp, tactics, weapons, & more

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Minecraft Dungeons is here and it’s a hit.

The excellent co-op dungeon crawler puts a new spin on the Minecraft world and pits you against some unique and infuriating bosses!

One of the most tricky bosses around lives in the Soggy Swamp.

The Corrupted Cauldron will infuriate you if you aren't prepared for it.

Corrupted Cauldron

The Cauldron itself isn't attacking you. Instead it will spit out dozens of small poisonous, purple slime blocks that will spit at you.

It does this while protecting itself from melee attacks with purple fire which will seriously damage you if you get caught in it.

corrupted cauldron minecraft dungeons
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STATIONARY FOE: But it comes with extra mobs to fight

To make matters worse, the battle arena is pretty small.

As a result, this boss is one of the tougher end-of-level bosses you'll come up against.


Since the Cauldron doesn't move or have any kind of ranged attack you can take your time with this one.

Rushing in to hit the Cauldron a few times is a quick way to get killed thanks to the fire and the attacks from the slime blocks.

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Instead, you should focus on thinning out the slime when they arrive on the scene. There are a few corners where you can find some cover, and you should use these to let your healing potion refill and limit the angles of attack.

If you have a window between waves of slime then it's the time to pepper the Cauldron with any ranged attack you have.

Artifacts like the corrupted beacon are good to use here, as well as fire arrows or any strong bow.

Defensive stronghold

You need to be a bit of a tank against this boss thanks to the near-constant barrage of poisonous slime.


Your party should also stick pretty close together and work in an outward-facing circle to take down the slime blocks as quickly as possible.

totem of shielding
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ARTIFACTS: Are your best friend in this fight

Having defensive artifacts like the Totem of Shielding can be a godsend here. This artifact puts up a protective dome that is perfect for reviving downed party members.

Don't be too surprised if you have to bypass Soggy Swamp for a bit to level up and get some better gear that boosts your defensive capabilities.

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