Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens NEW weapons: Where to find them, tips & tricks, guides, and more

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens has some new weapons, and we're here to share everything you need to know about them!

Load up, and let's dive straight in!

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens new weapons

Minecraft Dungeons see you adventure deep into the jungle, where many a formidable foe awakens, so you'll have to gear up if you're going to survive.

As usual, you'll want to use a combination of ranged and close attacks, depending on the situation. Each weapon has their advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely!

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Battle Staff

This weapon is fairly well balanced, but a little on the slow side. What is lacks in speed, however, it makes up with a decent damage area.

This is a good choice when keeping the hordes at a distance, but also delivering some good damage too. Check out the Lower Temple for this weapon.

Plus...who doesn't love to wield a staff!


A super powerful addition to the game, but with its obvious draw-backs.

Whips aren't exactly great when trying to take on multiple foes, and are more suited to inflicting large amounts of damage on one unlucky enemy.

Using this on a boss may come in handy though, so keep an eye out in Dingy Jungle and Panda Plateau levels.

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Dual Crossbows

Go all Max Payne on the hordes with Dual Crossbows.

Pretty fast, good range, and some decent damage, these weapons are best used with players who like to think on their feet and move around the action.

They're good at crowd control too, but you may have to pull out the big guns for some of the tougher bosses. Take a look around the Lower Temple to find them.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens dual crossbows
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DOUBLE THE CROSSBOW, DOUBLE THE FUN! Creepers better hit the deck when they see you coming with these!

Vine Whip

If nailing a creeper with a whip wasn't enough for you, the Vine Whip adds poison into the equation!

Harnessing the deadly power of the jungle, you'll be able to do some serious damage with this weapon.

Great for wearing down your foes, and keeping your distance with its longer range. Head to the Dingy Jungle or Panda Plateau to find it.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens new weapons
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MIGHTY VINE-LOOKIN': This whip has a nasty surprise!

Baby Crossbows

A very unique item indeed. Starting off small, the arrows themselves grow in size to become very powerful!

Don't let the cute name fool you, these babies are perfect for inflicting great damage, and allowing you to keep your distance in battle.

You could find them in the Lower Temple, so don't rush around too fast!

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Growing Staff

As the name implies this staff extends in length!

The weird thing is, that it does so at random. Super unpredictable, but very powerful also.

Keep your eyes out for this crazy weapon, which is rumored to drop around the Lower Temple.

For everything Minecraft Dungeons, from the latest guides all the way to how to find those illusive runes, be sure to check back in with us!

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