Minecraft Dungeons: Can I play with friends, Co-operative Multiplayer, Crossplay, Gameplay, Classes and more

It's hard to spend time with your friends under the coronavirus lockdown, but luckily there's a ton of in-game opportunities in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is a new game from Mojang, creators of the original sandbox adventure Minecraft.

Minecraft has been an amazing multiplayer experience bringing friends together over the last decade, and Minecraft Dungeons aims to follow suit in a new dungeon crawler format.

With Minecraft being one of the most popular games of the last decade, we have high hopes for Minecraft Dungeons.

Let's go over how you can experience this new game even better with friends.

Can I play with friends in Minecraft Dungeons

The original Minecraft did an incredible job of bringing players from various platforms into the game.

Crossplay has been an amazing feature of the game for some time, with Xbox, PC, Switch, and Playstation players able to jump into the same world.

Minecraft Dungeons has a number of features which help continue this trend.

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JOINING FORCES: Cross platform multiplayer will be yet another feature to further build the Minecraft community

Co-operative Multiplayer

The great news is that there will be co-operative multiplayer in the game. Players will have the chance to play with friends and conquer the challenges of the Minecraft Dungeons ahead of them.

We recently explored the best moments from the trailer, with one of our top moments showcasing how players can use different abilities to succeed.

It looks like all the classic elements of playing with friends come together perfectly in the game.

Minecraft Dungeons co-operative gameplay with friends
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I CAN'T HOLD THEM OFF FOR LONGER! Classic shielding moves appear to feature in the game, much to your friends' relief

From the footage, we see players casting shields to protect their fellow team mates, alongside slashing a path through hordes for them to use.

Players also selflessly revive their fallen comrades in battle and it looks like there's some team inventory management too!

Cross Platform Multiplayer

Minecraft Dungeons is set to release on PC, Xbox One, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. Following the original's example, there will be cross play for Minecraft Dungeons.

However it won't be available for every platform just yet. As it stands crossplay for PC & Xbox players is a go, but Nintendo Switch and PS4 players will have to wait.

That means that if you're looking to play with your friends on either of the consoles, you'll have to make sure they have the same one as you do!

Minecraft Dungeons Multiplayer Gameplay playing with friends
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WAIT, I FORGOT MY SWORD! Heroically face your destiny (or fate) with your buddies

Couch Co-op and Online Co-op

With the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, it's good to hear that playing online co-op will feature in the game.

With social distancing still in effect, unless you're living with someone, couch co-op may have to wait until this all blows over.

Still, by the looks of the gameplay footage, playing Minecraft Dungeons with friends is going to be an absolute blast.

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Build your Elite team!

When it comes to dungeon crawlers, experiencing the game through new lenses is as simple as changing classes.

While Minecraft Dungeons breaks the norm of pre-defined classes in dungeon crawlers, you can still build some popular class characters like mages, rangers, and rogues if you know what you're looking for.

That means you and your friends can split up all the different ways to play the game to diversify your adventure experience.

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