Minecraft Dungeons Trailer: Best moments, Gameplay, Release Date and more

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Minecraft Dungeons is understandably a hugely anticipated title, and the Minecraft Dungeons Trailer did a great job of increasing this further!

The unique twist on the original is inspired by dungeon crawlers and has you set off on a heroic quest to save your fellow villagers.

However, the quest is by no means without danger as you find yourself fighting hordes of enemies and navigating deadly traps.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best moments from the Minecraft Dungeon Trailer.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer

Like many of the best trailers, the Minecraft Dungeons trailer does a great job of giving us a taste of things to come.

Also, the trailer showed off some impressive gameplay and gave a preview of some of the challenges adventurers will face.

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Before we get into some of the best moments, check out the trailer below:


The first shot in the trailer shows a huge creature, appearing to be made out of both stone and lava.

This menacing beast sure does look angry as it literally steps towards the viewer, releasing a huge roar.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer
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BULL! The enormous boss looks like it means business

This could mean that players may be up for a challenge when they encounter this type of foe. Success may well go to those who think strategically about their approach.

Powerful weapons

A great moment in the trailer comes when the player acquires a 'Great Hammer'.

The hammer itself looks somewhat similar to that of Thor's in Norse Mythology (or Marvel's Thor). It also has the same devastating lightning power!

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The Minecraft Dungeons trailer shows the play waging havoc against the surrounding foes, with the lightning seemingly chaining to near-by enemies too.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Lightning Hammer Strike
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BRING ME THANOS! The player strikes down with a devastating lightning strike

We could see some potentially amazing, chained attacks from players upon release.

Navigation isn't typically a word you'd associate with excitement, however, in this case, we'd beg to differ!

In one moment that stood out, we see the player bring up a mini map. This mini map is clear, user-friendly and gives a real sense of scale to the sprawling dungeon.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Dungeon Traps and maps
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TAKE THE FIRST EXIT AT 'DEADLY TRAP': Navigation looks user friendly for those who get lost easy

What's exciting about this is that it's a feature with accessibility in mind, allowing players to focus on the quest, rather than which turn to take.

Co-operative multiplayer

We know that the game will have co-operative multiplayer, in addition to crossplay on some consoles, so it was great to see what this could look like in action.

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A bright shielding wall of light encases the four adventurers as hordes of enemies converge on their location.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Gameplay Co op
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SHIELDS ENGAGED: Looks like some players can have special abilities

It appears that abilities like this could play a major role in deciding the outcome of such deadly encounters.

Choose your abilities wisely!

Epic Battles

The last and most memorable moment of the trailer, was when the characters united, ran down the steps into what seemed like unbeatable odds.

Not only do we get an idea of the amount of enemies the game will throw at players, but also the variety.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Gameplay
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OUTNUMBERED: The odds seem stacked in the enemies favour

The 'bull' from earlier is also in the mix and looking angrier than ever!

Release Date

Minecraft Dungeons will be released on 26 May 2020 on PS4, Switch, PC, Xbox One.

Some players may be understandably concerned about the current effects of the COVID-19 pandemic influencing the release date. However, it looks as though everything is on track for the game.

For all the latest news, updates and more on Minecraft Dungeons head to our full Minecraft Dungeons article here.

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