Minecraft Dungeons: How to build a Rogue class - Weapons, Artifacts, Armors & more

Minecraft Dungeons is looking to innovate the game that innovated the entire gaming industry over a decade ago. What was once a base-building social survival game is now making its way into the world of dungeon crawling.

And no dungeon crawler is complete without a rogue in the mix. This is no different in Minecraft Dungeons.

Rogues are a fantasy staple, often dual-wielding daggers and sneaking up on unwitting foes.

But with no set classes in Minecraft Dungeons, building a rogue properly is going to take some forethought.

Let's go over how to build a rogue in Minecraft Dungeons.

Sticking to the shadows

Rogues are notorious for being stealthy, and hitting hard when it's too late to stop them. This theme carries over into Minecraft Dungeons, where players may be limited on stealth, but have all kinds of options when it comes to speed, dexterity, and vicious attacks.

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With this in mind, let's go over all the best weapons, armors, and artifacts that can help you build a rogue in Minecraft Dungeons.


Weapons are a rogue's best friend. Regardless of what kind of weapons a rogue is holding, they've got to be fast. Or at least help out in avoiding a direct fight with enemies.

Nightmare's Bite

minecraft dungeons nightmares bite small
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THE BIG GUNS- Nightmare's Bite offers the perfect rogue character experience with fast attacks and an on-hit poison cloud effect.

Nightmare's Bite is the quintessential set of rogue weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Not only are the great visually, but they also offer a powerful on-hit effect that perfectly fits a rogue.

With Nightmare's Bite you wont be hitting for much, just 16-38 damage a swing. But you'll also have the chance on-hit to spawn poison clouds that will deal plenty of extra damage, especially to groups. With the high attack speed, these twin blades are the perfect rogue weapon to get up close and personal to do big damage quickly.

The Last Laugh

Minecraft The Last Laugh
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OMINOUS- These sickles emit a sinister laugh, which means they're the perfect rogue weapons.

The Last Laugh is another pair of dual-wielded weapons in Minecraft Dungeons that offer a ton of immersion and damage for rogue.

In place of poisoning, though, these sickles have a haunting and sinister flavor to them. This is described in their text which describes a sinister laugh emitting from them.

These weapons deal massive damage in comparison to Nightmare's Bite, though they swing slower. They hit for 32-75 damage a swing, and cause mobs to drop more emeralds on-death.

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Armor is usually not a focal point for a rogue, but there are some strong, immersive sets of armor that lend themselves to the class.

Thief Armor

Thief Armor Minecraft Dungeons
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BEST IN SLOT- Thief Armor offers a lot of power to rogues

Thief armor is the perfect match of immersive rogue look and fantastic rogue stats in Minecraft Dungeons.

The armor offers a whopping 25% melee attack speed, which means tons of extra damage and better ability to trigger your on-hit effect weapons like Nightmare's Bite. And 305 extra health never hurt anybody.

It's the perfect look for an assassin, including a hood to stay mysterious.

Grim Armor

Grim Armor Minecraft Dungeons
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CALLOUS- This armor is for rogues looking for a darker look.

While Grim Armor is far from Thief Armor in terms of powering your rogue, it's still a welcomed pickup. It also has one of the coolest looks in the game, so it's hard not to put it on when you find it.

Grim Armor offers 253 health, and a 3% lifesteal aura. While these are beneficial to a melee class with fast attacks, it's no substitute for attack speed, and even gives less health.

The real strength in Grim Armor is how immersive it feels to wear it. With visuals similar to a skeleton, this is great armor for the sinister tone rogues can take on in Minecraft Dungeons with weapons like the Last Laugh.


Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons offer all kinds of small boosts. For rogues, the best artifacts center around mobility.

Light Feather

Light Feather Minecraft Dungeons
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HOLD STILL- The Light Feather allows rogues to dash and stun foes all at once

Light Feather offers rogues the extra mobility they need to stick to opponents, avoid bad situations, and start fights quickly.

With Light Feather players can roll every 3 seconds, stunning mobs for 2.8 seconds that are hit by the roll.

As an escape, gap-closer, and mobility bonus, this is one of the best artifact pickups in the game for a rogue.

Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness Minecraft Dungeons
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GOTTA GO FAST- These boots give rogues the mobility they need

Wings on the sides of your boots might not scream rogue, but because of what these offer, they're a great artifact to grab.

These boots give a temporary movement speed burst on activation, which is huge for melee characters like rogues to initiate fights, evade bad situations, and get from target to target with ease.

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