Minecraft Dungeons: How to build a Ranger class - Weapons, armors & more

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Minecraft Dungeons will be here in less than two weeks, which means its time to prepare which class you'll try first.

Most dungeon crawler fans start off on the iconic ranger role in their party. We've all wanted to be Legolas at some point.

The ranger stays back while lighting up enemies with arrows from afar. They're quick, agile, and drop enemies before they ever get a hit in.

Minecraft Dungeons is bringing the dungeon crawler experience to Minecraft, so of course it's included plenty of support for building a ranger.

Let's go over how to build a ranger class character, including the best weapons and armors.

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What's a ranger without their trusty bow?

Minecraft Dungeons includes plenty of different kinds of ranged weapons across bows and crossbows. Whether you want to shoot many arrows quickly or ready one big shot to destroy foes, there's a weapon for you.

Let's go over the strongest ranger weapons.

Elite Power Bow

Elite Power Bow Minecraft Dungeons
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HAYMAKER- The Elite Power Bow is a knockout blow every time

For rangers looking to pack a punch at the cost of speed, the Elite Power Bow delivers everything and more.

With the highest damage of any bow in the game as of this writing, the Elite Power Bow can wreak havoc on single targets like bosses.

When charged up to max, a shot from the Elite Power Bow will deal an amazing 213 damage. Even uncharged shots hit for 107 and above.

Red Snake

Red Snake Minecraft Dungeons
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GO OUT WITH A BANG- Explosive arrows from the Red Snake mean big problems for groups of mobs

For players looking for explosive results, the Red Snake makes your arrows have a chance to explode on impact.

This is useful for large groups of mobs, and otherwise is a little extra damage to single targets.

The Pink Scoundrel

The Pink Scoundrel Minecraft Dungeons
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TURNCLOAK- The Pink Scoundrel turns your foes into traitors

For players looking to shake up the traditional ranger experience, The Pink Scoundrel is a one-of-a-kind. The Pink Scoundrel has a chance to enrage mobs to attack everything around them, meaning you can turn the opponents against one another. Even better, The Pink Scoundrel also hits multiple enemies.

While the damage on The Pink Scoundrel and the speed is nothing extraordinary, this powerful effect is viable throughout the game as a unique alternative ranger playstyle.

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You don't think armor when picturing rangers, but there's several sets of armor in Minecraft Dungeons that can change the game for those behind the bow.

Archer's Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Archers Armor
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ALL IN ONE- Archer's Armor give rangers everything they could ask for

What do you know, Archer's Armor is good on rangers. This aptly named set of armor does many great things for characters going the ranger route. It increases ranged damage by 30%, increases movement speed by 15%, and adds 10 arrows to each bundle.

This is the single best armor set for rangers in Minecraft Dungeons as of this writing. It just offers too much utility in too many directions.


Hunter's Armor

hunters armour minecraft
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FORM FITTING- Hunter's Armor has some great ranger stats

Hunter's Armor is one of the more simple but effective armor designs in Minecraft Dungeons.

It increase arrows per bundle by 10, and increases ranged damage by a whopping 30%.

Wolf Armor

wolf armour minecraft
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AHEAD OF ITS CLASS- Wolf Armor is the best looking set in the game

Wolf Armor might be one of the coolest and most immersive pieces of gear for rangers in Minecraft Dungeons. And while it's not the best set available, Wolf Armor is still incredibly strong.

Wolf Armor gives 20% bonus weapon damage, and heals nearby allies when you use a health potion.

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