Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Last Pre-release Update is Here

Minecraft is getting much bigger in the next week as the latest Caves & Cliffs update drops. This comes with tonnes of new mobs, blocks and more.

The game has seen lots of new updates testing out bug fixes and letting some players get there early. Luckily, we're on the final hurdle before its official release.

Caves & Cliffs Release Date

Although we don't have a release date for the second part of the update, part one is officially coming out on June 8th.

This is coming out mere days before E3, giving players a few days to get used to it before all that news comes out.

The Release Candidate

Over on Twitter, Sliced Lime, the tech lead for Minecraft, announced that the game had finally reached the first release candidate.

This means that Caves & Cliffs has reached a stable state and will hopefully receive no more updates before its official release next week. If everything works as intended, this will be the last pre-release we will see.

How to Access the Release Candidate

Luckily, you can access this release candidate if you have the Java version of Minecraft. If you don't you'll have to buy it or wait until early next week to play it.

If you do have the game, boot up the Minecraft launcher and find Minecraft in your games list. You may have to make a Microsoft account to do so.

From here, click on the tab that says "Installations" and click on the snapshots box. This should tick it and give you access to the latest pre-release. Download it and click play. Make sure to back up your worlds, just in case there are any issues.

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