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24 May 2020

Minecraft 2020: The best seeds for PC on Patch 1.16.0

Minecraft patch 1.16.0 has arrived, and with it comes an all new Nether and more.

To best explore all the new Minecraft changes, you'll want to customize your world to offer the experience you're looking for. This starts way before you make your first pickaxe.

To do this you'll need to know the best Minecraft seeds on pc.

Let's go over some of your options.

Minecraft seeds PC 2020

Minecraft seeds can do anything from customize the layout of your world before you generate it to starting you off in a specific location in a specific senario.

And across these different types of seeds, there are infinite combinations.

With that, let's look at some of the best available now.

A perfect balance

minecraft seed 2 best seeds bamboo forest

PERFECTION- Some Minecraft seeds offer a feeling of serene perfection

Minecraft worlds can go many different directions depending on what players want to adventure around. This particular seed has something for everybody with nearby temples, a range of biomes all within reach, and some stunning topography.

While this seed doesn't have any special nicknames, you can play it by entering the code: 371890110799376620.

A new kind of village

Minecraft Xbox Series X ray tracing

OUT OF PLACE- Life can thrive in strange places

While most seeds become popular around the placement and frequency of villages among other details, this particular seed introduces a very unique form of village: The snow village.

This village features ice block houses and more as villagers adjust to the difficult environment they find themselves in.

This breathtaking visual and immersive environment is the perfect place for an adventure to begin.

You can access this seed by entering the code: 5374999255146981964.

Item oasis in the desert

minecraft seed number 1 best seeds

THE JACKPOT- While the desert pyramid doesn't offer ore, there are plenty of important treasure items you can find

Deserts can be unforgiving in Minecraft for their lack of important resources. But this seed in particular goes the complete opposite direction.

In this desert seed the player spawns seconds away from a desert pyramid where items are waiting to get you started on the fast track.

Beyond the innate beauty this seed creates, its practical start makes it a great seed for servers of all kinds.

You can access this seed by entering the code: -1665911630.