Minecraft Pocket Edition: Best Mods - Ferrari, Jurassic Park, DayZ, How To Install, iOS, Android & More

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Until recently, the world of mods and add-ons have not been open to Minecraft Pocket Edition users.

Minecraft's expansive open-world world has fueled multiple generations of gamers to recreate and explore the game.

However, mods and add-ons have always played a large role in the Minecraft Universe, and we've stumbled across a few that you need to try out.

Getting them installed and activated can be a chore since the process is different for iOS and Android users, but we'll get into that a bit later on!

For the best Pocket Edition mods, continue reading below.

Best Mods for Pocket Edition

There are plenty out there to choose from, but there were a few really unique add-ons that caught our attention.


This add-on takes some of the apocalyptic elements from DayZ - a popular survival game for PC - and brings them to Minecraft.

day z mod minecraft pocket editoon
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RUN: Zombies are the least of your worries in this DayZ-inspired add-on

The Minecraft world is styled in a post-apocalyptic way, and some of the mobs have been changed into zombies and other types of creatures from the game.

If you enjoy survival mode then take it to the next level with this add-on!


This add-on replaces one of the mobs in-game with a Ferrari 458 Italia - yes, the mid-engined Italian sports car.

minecraft pe ferrari
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VROOM VROOM: Cruise around in this oddly-realistic Ferrari

It’s a really well-designed vehicle with lots of nice details on the dashboard that sell it.

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The car has two seats and you enter it similar to how you would jump on a horse.

Jurassic Craft

Jurassic Craft is based on the Jurassic Park movies and includes 19 different dinosaurs - each equipped with a unique set of behaviours.

jurassic craft best mods minecraft pe
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KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT: Velociraptors play a prominent role in the Jurassic Park universe

Some of them can be tamed and even rider, while you will have to be wary of more aggressive ones that will eat you!

Check out the Jurassic Craft World map for the sheer enormity of this add-on, or continue reading below to find out how to install them all!

How Do I Install Them?


The process will vary depending on whether you are using an iOS or Android device.

minecraft dungeons endgame camp
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DUNGEONS: The upcoming game will not be available on mobile at launch

As is the case with any add-on, we recommend that you start with a new world, as the mod may make significant changes to your game.

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For the full rundown on how to install Minecraft on your iOS or Android device, head over to our Pocket Edition install guide for all of the steps.

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