The Griddy is coming to Madden 23, NBA 2K23, and even FIFA 23

The Griddy has become a pop culture sensation, and just about every major sports game this year is following that trend.

We've got a look here at The Griddy in Madden 23, FIFA 23, and NBA 2K23 as well as a spotlight on the creator himself.

The Griddy comes to Madden 23 with the creator's blessing

While this won't be the first time The Griddy has made it into gaming, as it's been in Fortnite for some time, EA took an extra step by highlighting the man who made it possible.

Allen "Griddy" Davis, who can be found here on Twitter, spoke briefly to EA about the opportunity to see his dance featured.

“It’s been amazing to watch the biggest athletes in the world celebrate their touchdowns, goals, and wins by doing The Griddy. And now to have a dance I created immortalized exclusively in Madden NFL 23, FIFA 23 and future EA SPORTS releases is a dream come true,” he said.

You can see the reveal below which includes examples of The Griddy in Madden 23:

We haven't yet learned whether the animation will be standard in Madden 23, only assigned to a few players, or an unlockable acquired by playing.

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NBA 2K23 injects Ja Morant's Griddy into their first trailer

In addition to the reveal that EA has partnered with the creator, we've already seen a very brief glimpse of The Griddy in NBA 2K23.

Ja Morant was shown doing it in the first NBA 2K23 trailer, though we didn't get to see the entire animation:

To the surprise of no one, players are already itching at the chance to hit the Griddy as soon as they dunk in NBA 2K23.

While it should be in as a standard animation for Ja Morant, it's likely The Griddy could be a locked animation players will have to earn in MyCAREER.

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FIFA 23 will also have The Griddy this year

While The Griddy is more well known for being done by NBA or NFL players, FIFA 23 is bringing it to the pitch as well.

Spotted several days ago in one of the latest FIFA 23 previews, EA has now confirmed The Griddy as part of this year's game.

We've got more details here on some of the new features hitting FIFA 23 that haven't seen the same positive response as The Griddy.

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