New Franchise Mode Changes Coming to Madden 21

In the newest set of Gridiron Notes, EA have announced some changes coming to Madden 21 Franchise Mode!


These changes won't be implemented with Title Update 3 (the next patch scheduled for 10 September). Instead, they will be implemented in mid-November per the current timeline.

Madden 21 Franchise mode change notes
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THE ROADMAP: EA gave out a list of what would come post-launch for Madden 21

So what changes are coming to Madden 21 Franchise Mode?

Franchise Mode Changes

Fans have asked for a lot of changes to Franchise mode this year.

So what are they getting in the first months after launch?

X-Factor and Superstar Ability Customization

The X-Factor abilities and Superstar a in Madden 21 are powerful, and players have been asking for the opportunity to adjust them in their online and offline Franchises.

Madden 21 MUT upgrades
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SCULPT: You can now control the power in your Madden 21 Franchise by customizing X-Factor and Superstar abilities

EA is now adding customization options for these abilities via the edit player feature for Franchise commissioners.

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This will only work for abilities from the correct positional group for the player, and will only be available for players that unlock an X-Factor ability.

Career Stats on Player Cards

There has been plenty of feedback that there aren't enough current and relevant stats available in Madden 21, and EA is looking to change that by updating player cards.

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The stats on player cards will now show more relevant season stats including week, opponent, final score, and the team the player was on.

Dev Trait Balancing

Franchise Mode in the Madden series has the tendency to go off the rails after too many years. This can happen from too many players taking over with X-Factor abilities, or not enough.

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EA is reworking how Dev Traits regress in Madden 21 Franchise Mode to better balance the league after multiple years of simulation.

Playoff Brackets

Users have complained about a lack of relevant information available come Playoff time, which takes away some of the fun of knowing exactly how the league is shaping up when it matters most.

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This bracket will show more information relating to the Wildcard race, and give players more immersion by keeping them up-to-date on the league around them.

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