Madden 25 Reveal Date Delayed!

Madden 25 Cover
Credit: GadgetMates

Madden 25 Cover
Credit: GadgetMates

The Madden 25 reveal date has been delayed, which means Madden fans will have to wait a little longer to get a sneak peek at the new title of the franchise.

Fans can't wait to know more about the game, including which new features will be added, what changes will game modes undergo, and above all, the gameplay balance changes that Madden 25 will introduce.

Madden 25 Reveal Date Delayed

The Madden 25 reveal date was delayed to Thursday 13 June, after being scheduled for Tuesday 11 June.

It's expected this Madden 25 reveal event will announce this year's cover athlete, and give fans a sneak peek of what is coming to the game, such as new features, gameplay changes, and tweaks in the game modes.

Madden 25 Reveal Date
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Credit: Madden 25

The Madden 25 release date, and all the game editions, have already been announced, so we don't expect anything on that front unless EA Sports has a card up their sleeve.

But what fans are expecting is some good news about the Franchise mode, which has been long forgotten by EA Sports. Something needs to be done to revitalize the mode, making it more immersive, captivating, and enjoyable to play.

This would also give the Madden offline community something to celebrate, which doesn't happen often.

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