Madden 24 Sugar Rush Progam: Everything you need to know

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Progam Cover Art

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Progam Cover Art

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The Sugar Rush program has just arrived at Madden 24 Ultimate Team, and it introduced some astonishing cards that you will certainly want to get your hands on.

Despite the majority of the Madden community only being interested in Madden 25, the Sugar Rush program was able to somewhat revitalize the game and captive players.

It did so by introducing a new Field Pass, a new in-game currency, a plethora of challenges, one new House Rules event, many rewards, and a welcome pack which includes an upgradeable Travon Walker card.

It's also worth noting that, the Sugar Rush program is a three-part release program, with the first and second parts already being live, while the third one will be released soon.

Sugar Rush Progam release date

The Sugar Rush program went live on 21 March, and it introduced a plethora of new and exciting content to MUT.

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Field Pass

As mentioned above, the Sugar Rush program introduced a brand-new Field Pass. This Field Pass has 21 levels and will allow players to earn many rewards, such as XP, upgrade tokens, exclusive cards, and chocolates, the Sugar Rush currency we will talk more about further below.

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Field Pass
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You can progress through the Sugar Rush Field Pass by playing plenty of games and completing the 20 new challenges the program is introducing. Playing the new House Rules event, "Bonbon Bonanza", will also help you progress in the Sugar Rush Field Pass.

Sugar Rush Eggs

The Sugar Rush program is all about earning eggs, however, these aren't your traditional Easter eggs, as on 31 March they can hatch into Sugar Rush players or players from previous MUT programs.

This program also has egg basket packs, which contain eggs from five different rarity tiers, which are simple, nice, eggcellent, eggstravagant and mystery. These egg basket packs will give players eggs that correspond to the rarity of the pack.

You can earn eggs or egg basket packs by trading chocolates for them in the chocolate shop, or by completing challenges. Then, all you need to do is wait for them to hatch and pray you get some incredible Sugar Rush cards.

However, many of you might be wondering what is chocolate currency and how you can earn it, so let's find that out.

Sugar Rush chocolate currency

As mentioned above, the Sugar Rush program introduced a new currency called chocolate. You will be able to earn chocolates by completing challenges, advancing in the Sugar Rush Field Pass, and quickselling eggs or Sugar Rush players.

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Chocolate Shop
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You can trade the chocolates you earned in the chocolate shop for egg basket packs, players and upgrade tokens. The more chocolates you earn the more egg basket packs you can buy, meaning your chances of hatching a Sugar Rush player increase drastically.

But who are the Sugar Rush players? Let's take a look at them right now.

Sugar Rush release 1

Release 1 of the Sugar Rush program introduced some amazing players, with two of them being 99 OVR. Most of these players possess great attributes and will jump into your starting lineup right away.

You can check the release 2 players further below.

Low Elites (89 OVRs)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Brandon Stephens
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  • Josh Palmer - WR - Chargers
  • Brandon Stephens - CB - Ravens
  • Hayden Hurst - TE - Panthers
  • Dee Winters - ROLB - 49ers
  • Chukwuma Okorafor - RT - Steelers
  • Terell Smith - CB - Bears
  • Ezra Cleveland - LG -Jaguars
  • Cole Holcomb - MLB -Steelers

High Elites (92 OVRs)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Ben Powers
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  • Marquise Goodwin - WR - Browns
  • Jamin Davis - MLB - Commanders
  • Ben Powers - LG - Broncos
  • Mekhi Becton - RT - Jets
  • Quentin Johnston - WR - Chargers
  • Jonah Williams - RE - Rams
  • Cam Robinson - LT - Jaguars
  • Kaden Ellis - MLB - Falcons

Heroes (95 OVRs)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Luke Goedeke
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  • Luke Goedeke - RT - Buccaneers
  • Sam Hubbard - LE - Bengals
  • Rashawn Slater - LT - Chargers
  • Roy Lopez - DT - Cardinals
  • Nelson Agholor - WR -Ravens
  • Deshon Elliott - SS - Dolphins
  • Isaiah Mckenzie - WR - Cowboys
  • Tyson Campbell -CB - Jaguars

Champions (98 OVRs)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Nico Collins
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  • Matthew Stafford - QB - Rams
  • Marshon Lattimore - CB - Saints
  • Nico Collins - WR - Texans
  • Christian Barmore - LE - Patriots
  • Andrew Thomas - LT - Giants

LTD's (99 OVR's)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Demaryius Thomas
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  • Demaryius Thomas - WR - Broncos
  • Leonard Williams -RE - Seahawks

Sugar Rush release 2

The second batch of Sugar Rush players also includes some amazing cards, so let's take a look at them.

Heroes (95 OVRs)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Tyrique Stevenson
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  • Mike Gesicki - TE - Patriots
  • Brian Robinson JR - HB - Commanders
  • Lorenzo Carter - LOLB - Falcons
  • Jameson Williams - WR - Lions
  • Dante Fowler JR - RE - Cowboys
  • Austin Corbett - RG - Panthers
  • Tyrique Stevenson - CB - Bears
  • Calais Campbell - LE - Falcons

Champions (98 OVRs)

Madden 24 Sugar Rush Arik Armstead
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  • Andrew Thomas - LT - Giants
  • Arik Armstead - DT - 49ers
  • Raheem Mostert - HB - Dolphins
  • C.J. Mosley - MLB - Jets

LTD's (99 OVR's)

Madden 24
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  • Joey Porter Jr - CB - Steelers
  • Keenan Allen - WR - Chargers

We hope this article answered all of the questions you had about the Sugar Rush Progam. This article will be updated regularly, so make sure you bookmark it.

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