Madden 22 Running Guide & Tips: When to juke, truck, and spin your way into the endzone

Having the ball in your hands has never been more immersive than it is in Madden 22. Each player has specific skills that correlate to how they respond on the field, and a new momentum and tackling system improves things even more.

Learning the Madden 22 controls is going to be vital to your success on the field this year.

Let's get you up to speed and make you a force to be reckoned with when you have the ball with our Madden 22 running guide.

Madden 22 Running Guide & Tips

A key point to remember is that each runner will perform these moves differently based on categorical ratings. Players like Dalvin Cook will be much better at juking than Derrick Henry, but can't stiff arm as easily.

A great way to figure this out is by figuring out the running style you like, this is especially helpful when playing Madden Ultimate Team.

Derrick Henry prepares to make his move on Jamal Adams in Madden 22
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MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE: You have to choose wisely when performing a move in Madden 22

Here's how to make some key special moves in Madden 22 that will guarantee you extra yardage.

How to Juke in Madden 22

You should take advantage of a juke when 1 on 1 with a defender who is approaching. The juke is a quick move that could easily result in a touchdown.

  • Juke Left - RS Left - All Consoles
  • Juke Right - RS Right - All Consoles

The juke move is the same on both consoles, but differs on PC:

  • Juke Left - A
  • Juke Right - D

What about the Jurdle?

The Jurdle is a jump/hurdle combo that has made its way into Madden 22, it's a useful feature when approaching a goalline.

Remember, these moves are all about timing so it'll likely take some time to get used to.

  • Jurdle - Triangle + LS - PS4 / PS5
  • Jurdle - Y + LS - Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S
  • Hurdle - R - PC
Saquon Barkley performs a jurdle in Madden 22
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THE JURDLE: Perform a jurdle at the right time to put your opponent on a highlight reel in Madden 22

The "jurdle" option isn't available on PC but you'll still have the ability to hurdle, which is pretty close.

Be careful when using this move as it will leave you open to a hit stick tackle that could result in a fumble.

Spin moves in Madden 22

Performing a spin in Madden 22 isn't difficult but timing is definitely key when performing a spin. Occasionally, you can find yourself spinning into an opponent or spinning out of bounds.

  • Spin - O or Rotate RS - PS4 / PS5
  • Spin - B or Rotate RS - Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
  • Spin - F - PC
The Dallas Cowboys prepare to strip the ball in Madden 22
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CAREFUL: A wrong spin in Madden 22 could result in a fumble

It could take a little bit to get the timing down right but once you do the spin move is a useful tool to have in your Madden 22 controls arsenal.

How to Sprint

This is a key button you don't want to forget, not long ago the sprint button was taken away but it's been brought back since.

  • Sprint - R2 - PS4 / PS5
  • Sprint - RT - Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
  • Sprint - R-Mouse Button or L-Shift (Hold) - PC
Christian McCaffrey breaks away from defenders in Madden 22
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BREAKAWAY: Use the sprint button to breakaway from defenders in Madden 22

Sprinting could be the deciding factor between you and a touchdown, make sure the second you get the ball in Madden 22, you start sprinting.

Performing a Stiff Arm in Madden 22

A stiff arm could guarantee a couple of extra yards or even allow you to break a tackle for a big run. Madden 22 is going to be about making the decision at the right time, so be sure don't have other tacklers around you when you perform this move.

Here's how to perform a stiff arm in Madden 22:

  • Stiff Arm - X - PS4 / PS5
  • Stiff Arm - A - Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S
  • Stiff Arm - E - PC
Dalvin Cook performs a stiff arm in Madden 22
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STIFF ARM: Performing a stiff arm could guarantee a couple of yards or a big gain!

Remember, if there are a couple of defenders around a stiff arm could leave you open to someone stripping the football.

Protect the Ball in Madden 22

This is a sure fire way to protect yourself against fumbling the football in Madden 22, however, it will slow your player down.

  • Protect the ball - R1 - PS4
  • Protect the ball - RB - Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S
  • Protect the ball - Space (hold) - PC
The ball carrier controls on PS4 for Madden 22
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GET FAMILIAR: Try to memorize the ball carrier controls for Madden 22

Using the "protect the ball" function in Madden 22 will help you against players that use the hit stick frequently. Make sure you take advantage of the function and the rest of the Madden 22 controls.

Using the Truck Stick in Madden 22

There are a couple of players the truck stick will work especially well for, one of them is Derrick Henry. Remember, anyone can use the truck stick but it's not always guaranteed to work.

The truck is more likely to be successful if the player is known for trucking players in real life, so you'll want a powerback to perform this more often.

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