Madden 22 trailer's include features expected in the trial

The first Madden 22 trailer has set off a firestorm of news as excitement reaches an all-time high for this year's release!

Inside the trailer are hints at features we hope to experience in the upcoming EA Play Trial. With the trial coming soon, we've got the information you need to sign up.

Watch the all trailers here and get more information on the EA Play Trial, so you're ready for Madden 22.

UPDATED - EA Play Trial quickly approaching

A great way for players to get a taste of Madden 22 before launch is by joining the EA Play Trial. If you do join the trial, you'll get 10 hours of early access to Madden 22!

This will be a great chance for players to get involved and get a jumpstart before the game officially releases.

The detailed EA Play rewards available to members
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TIME TO PLAY: EA Play Trial gives players early access to Madden 22

The best part about being an EA Play member is that you'll get tons of rewards if you pre order Madden 22, as seen above!

Head here, for a detailed look at the Madden 22 Trial Countdown.

Madden 22 Official Reveal Trailer

The hype train had to leave the station at some point, and for Madden 22 it all began with this reveal trailer providing our first look at this year's game and some of the new features we'll get to experience.

The reveal trailer came almost exactly one year to the day after the Madden 21 reveal trailer was dropped on June 16, 2020.

The Madden 22 reveal trailer was released on June 17, 2021, and they also sent the closed beta with an unfinished version of the game live that day, which we had a chance to participate in and review.

After this first trailer drop on June 17, EA Sports has followed it up with a series of Madden 22 All-Access Deep Dives taking a closer look at the changes coming to Madden this year in each of the various game modes.

All Access Deep Dives

Franchise Mode

The first deep dive took a look at Franchise Mode, which is getting some major attention following the #FixMaddenFranchise movement.

We've also taken a closer look at Franchise Mode and some of this year's new features, as well as the fixes they still need to make.

Dynamic Gameday

The next deep dive took aim at Dynamic Gameday, which is an exciting new next gen exclusive feature coming this year that makes the crowd more important than ever.

Among the several features coming in Dynamic Gameday is a new Home Field Advantage mechanic, and we took a look at every single NFL team's new boost.

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