Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Latest LTDs released, what are LTD cards

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If you want a top squad in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, it'll take a collection of the top cards in MUT 22.

LTDs are a big asset to your MUT 22 squad and collecting the right ones could be the difference between a win or a loss. We've got the details on each LTD card in Madden 22 right here.

Get your MUT 22 squad ready to take over the gridiron by adding these LTDs before it's too late.

LATEST - LTDs Tyler Lockett and Deion Jones released

We've got two more LTDs added into Madden 22 Ultimate Team, one of which will be an incredible boost to your MUT 22 receiving corps.

The first LTD announced by Madden 22 this week was the LTD 93 OVR WR Tyler Lockett. His speed is an incredible 92, but he surrenders a lot for the Jump Ball rating. We think keeping him as a slot receiver would be your best bet.

The other LTD joining Tyler Lockett is 93 OVR MLB Deion Jones. Jones comes in at a 93 OVR as well and is an incredible pass coverage linebacker. However, most MUT 22 players are using safeties at the linebacker spot now.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team: What are LTD cards?

There is a multitude of different cards inside of Madden 22 Ultimate Team. From Core cards to Power Ups, each card has its own designation.

LTD cards are limited edition cards that are only available for a certain amount of time but are incredible cards you want to have on your Ultimate Team. To get these cards you'll have to grind a lot of challenges (if you're No Money Spent) or buy tons of packs in hopes to get them. However, if you do pull just one of these, the payoff is worth it.

The best part about these cards is you can use them in a bunch of different ways in Madden 22. You can add them to your roster, send them to the Auction House, or quicksell them for a ton of coins.

While we're still waiting to see how the releases go this year, in the past LTDs have been consistently dropped on Thursdays each week, and the first LTD release this year followed that timing.

Full list of all MUT 22 LTDs

We're only a few months into Madden 22 so not very many Madden 22 Ultimate Team LTD cards have been released. Only four players have these special edition cards right now.

Keep your eyes here for an updated list of Ultimate Team LTD cards every time a new LTD card is released.

Rodney Hudson - C - (93 OVR)

If you're looking to give your offensive line a huge boost, you'll want to add C Rodney Hudson to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team. His best feature, his 94 Pass Block Rating which will ensure time for you to throw the ball.

Rodney Hudson in Madden 22
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MAX PROTECTION: Use Rodney Hudson to ensure you have time to throw the ball

On top of ensuring you time to stick in the pocket, Rodney Hudson can also help with run blocking. If you aren't looking to keep him on your team he's currently going for 653K at the Auction House.

Marcus Maye - SS - (93 OVR)

Uping the ante at the strong safety position is Marcus Maye. He's incredible in zone coverage with a rating of 93 and is the best safety you could have if you run zone coverage.

Marcus Maye in Madden 22
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ZONE BOSS: Marcus Maye is the best option at SS for zone coverage systems

Marcus Maye is one of the most saught-after safeties at the Auction House which is why he's averaging a 590K haul.

Harold Landry - ROLB - (92 OVR)

ROLB Harold Landry comes in at a 92 OVR, his most impressive rating is the 93 finesse move rating, giving him the ability to get around offensive lineman.

He'll be a great addition to your Madden Ultimate Team if you blitz your linebacker often. His coverage isn't great though, so keep that in mind.

La'el Collins - RT - (92 OVR)

La'el Collins comes at 92 OVR, the same as Harold Landry. La'el is one of the best offensive linemen you can add to your MUT 22 team. His Strength (90), Awareness (92), and Run Block Protection (93) are unmatched.

He recently was sold at the Auction House for 1.1M! That's more than every other LTD in Madden Ultimate Team right now.

Marcus Peters - CB - (92 OVR)

Marcus Peters is one of the best man-to-man coverage cornerbacks in the entire NFL and his LTD MUT 22 card is proof of that fact. He comes in with a 92 OVR, with a 92 MCV rating to match.

Marcus Peters LTD card in Madden 22
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MAN UP: Add Marcus Peters to your line up and lock up wide receivers

This card is hitting HEAVY at the Auction House so if you're lucky enough to pull it you can easily net 715K. That's if you actually want to let him go.

Stefon Diggs - WR - (92 OVR)

Stefon Diggs led the NFL in receptions and receiving yards last season, which earned him this LTD MUT 22 card. Coming in with another 92 OVR and an incredible 92 Deep Route rating is LTD Stefon Diggs.

Stefon Diggs LTD in Madden 22
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DIGGSY: Add Stefon Diggs to your lineup and get an instant downfield threat

This card isn't doing as well at the Auction House as Marcus Peters, but if you're already set at the wide receiver position, you can rack up 650K.

Darren Waller - TE - (91 OVR)

Darren Waller the outstanding tight end for the Las Vegas Raiders was revealed as the first LTD card of Madden 22. He's got 88 SPD and 91 CTH, giving everyone a great option at TE1.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team image of the LTD Darren Waller card
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ROCK WALLER: Darren Waller is the first of many future LTD cards in Madden 22

Currently, he's in the Auction House at 838K, so if you pull this card and are happy with your tight end, you might want to send Waller to the Auction House.

Devin White - MLB - (91 OVR)

The second card revealed shortly after Waller on Good Morning Madden was Devin White the middle linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The LTD card in Madden 22 for Devin White
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LIMITED TIME: Pull packs as fast as you can to land Devin White in Madden 22

This is a card worth adding to your roster. Devin White can play in coverage well and is a great line of defense against the run. If you want you can quicksell him for 250K coins.

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