Madden 21 The Yard: New fast game type will be perfect for the game

EA have given us an in-depth look at Madden 21's The Yard!

Will it succeed in giving us the backyard feel we've been looking for?

Fast Gameplay

Madden 21 can at times be a big commitment for players, but for The Yard, players can pop right into fast action with all new gameplay features that shake things up.

madden 21 the yard gameplay
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BIG PLAYS: New gameplay mechanics encourage some big plays in The Yard

This includes a passing timer that will whistle a dead ball after 4 seconds if the QB has not thrown.

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It will also include pass rush timers that will hold back the defense for only a second or so (depending on position) before the pressure comes.

Innovative New Mechanics

The Yard will bring some brand new mechanics to Madden 21 gameplay that we can't wait to see.

This includes a new one-timer catching mechanic that will allow receivers to tap passes on to others instead of going for the catch.

Madden 21 One Timer Catching
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ALL HIGHLIGHTS: One-Timer Catching is sure to give us some amazing moments

This is sure to generate some amazing gameplay highlight clips!

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It will also feature new ways to score bonus points, and an all-new Multi-Snap mechanic that will let you snap the ball to any player on the field!

the yard news
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LATERAL AWAY: Laterals will be a huge part of The Yard

This will all create for a wonderfully chaotic new gameplay experience in the Madden series.

New Customization Options

Perhaps the best part of Madden 21's The Yard is its customization options that can really personalize your experience - even rivaling your options in Face of the Franchise!

Madden 21 The Yard Avatar Customization
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SWAG OUT: Your look in The Yard sets the tone before the first snap

You can also customize your own Avatar including 2,000 pieces of gear available at launch.

madden 21 the yard team
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PICK YOUR LINEUP: You'll have tons of choices to build out your lineup for The Yard

You can play with 3 friends to control up to 6 characters that you select for your team.

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This will include your Avatar and some professional players that vary by location.

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You'll be able to level up your characters to bring even more presence on The Yard!

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