Madden 21: Seven things we want to see at EA Play - graphics, gameplay, Ultimate Team & more

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The rescheduled EA Play event will give us a deep dive into Madden 21, as well as other EA titles including FIFA 21 and NHL 21.

With next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X arriving later this year too, it is a big year for EA and the FIFA franchise.


The look of Madden improves every year, and it should be no different in 2020.

madden 21 graphics
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STRONG: But will the gameplay look as good as this cinematic?

While EA focus on on-field graphics and cut scenes it would be good to see a more realistic sideline and crowd for that more immersive feel.


The key to any successful Madden is the gameplay. Madden 20's is solid, but it didn't take higher-end Ultimate Team players long to figure out that running the ball was OP.

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The addition of Superstar abilities and X-Factors added a new dimension last year. Will they return or not? Will EA build off the foundation and incorporate more?

This is perhaps the most critical part of gameplay that players want to see.

Ultimate Team

Madden 20's Ultimate Team has been pretty slow these last few months.

rookie premiere joe burrow
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WHAT'S NEXT: MUT players are collecting rookies, but fresh ideas are needed

Fans are keen to see if the lack of content in the current game has led to fresh ideas in the new one.

Franchise Mode

Speaking of fresh ideas, Franchise Mode has been static for a while now with only minor tweaks to the game mode.

Bringing in a new scouting system and better trade engine would bring a welcome dose of realism to Franchise Mode that it has been crying out for.


We normally get a peek at ratings in the run-up to Madden releases. Often revealed in stages, it would be good to at least get a look at the top-rated players going into this year's game.

aaron donald madden 20
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LOCK: Aaron Donald is surely going to be 99 OVR again

We all predict Patrick Mahomes to get a 99 OVR, but what about Lamar Jackson or Aaron Donald? With so much sport disrupted fans need something to start arguing about!

Madden 21 on next-gen

The only glimpse of Madden 21 fans have had is from the Inside Xbox stream, and that was such a minor look it doesn't really count.

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After the majesty of NBA 2K21 in the PS5 reveal event, fans will be keen to see just what EA can do with the new hardware and why those on PS4 may want to upgrade to PS5.

Superstar KO & beyond

Superstar KO has been a huge hit with the more casual crowd and especially the younger generation.

EA Sports should bring it back with some upgrades and tweaks. Taking it to the next level with a more complete MUT integration or having a leaderboard would add some purpose to the mode beyond having a quick co-op game with friends.

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