Madden 21 Xbox One: Review, Trailer, Editions, Next-Gen & more

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Madden 21 is finally here!

Here's everything you need to know about the game on Xbox One.

Latest News - Madden 21 Review

After taking some time to try out everything Madden 21 has to offer so far, our review is in.

Buy Madden 21 on Xbox One

You can purchase Madden 21 on Xbox One now, and you have several different editions to choose from.

Speaking of...

Cover Star and Editions

With Lamar Jackson on the cover it's not a surprise that we are getting an MVP Edition this year.

madden 21 mvp cover 1
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That isn't all though, there is a Deluxe Edition that sits between the Standard and the MVP.

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The Standard Edition will set you back £55/$60. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition will be £70/$75 and the MVP Edition will be £80/$90.

Madden 21 on Xbox Series X

Xbox fans are ahead of the competition when it comes to next-gen news.

ps5 xbox specs reveal
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MIGHTY MACHINE: The Series X will be the most powerful console ever

Thanks to the Inside Xbox stream we know that Madden 21 is optimized for the Xbox Series X!

It will also have Smart Delivery, meaning if you buy a copy at launch you can upgrade to a Series X copy for free after the next-gen consoles arrive.

Reveal Trailer

The Official Reveal Trailer kicked off a huge amount of releases about the game in days since.

While we've gotten plenty of gameplay insights, though, there's no news about a fresh Ultimate Team or changes to Franchise Mode just yet.

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