*UPDATED* Madden 21: First look trailer indefinitely delayed - Gameplay, release date, next gen & more

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The official reveal trailer for Madden 21 was scheduled to premier Monday, 1, June. That is no longer the case.

EA has delayed the Madden 21 Official Reveal Trailer, appearing to cite the backlash over the death of George Floyd.

Madden 21 trailer cancelled

EA Madden 21 first look cancelled
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With an official statement published on the EA Madden NFL Twitter account, EA has pushed back the official reveal trailer for Madden 21 indefinitely.

Confirmed reveal time

EA Madden's Twitter had officially confirmed the reveal time for our first look at Madden 21.

The Madden 21 Official Reveal Trailer was scheduled to stream live on Youtube at 10 am EST Monday, 1 June.

Madden 21 Official Reveal Trailer

Madden 21 first look gameplay trailer announcement date
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FIRST LOOK- It's very possible our first look at Madden 21 is a trailer

We now have official confirmation that our first look at Madden 21 will be a reveal trailer.

You can watch the Madden 21 Official Reveal Trailer premiere live Monday, 1 June, at 10 am EST.

Previous year's reveal trailers have not included gameplay footage, so we can only hope this year will shake things up.

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Release date

madden 21 release date
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IT'S TIME- We could have a Madden 21 release date as early as 1 June

One very important detail almost always comes with a game's first trailer - a release date.

While we've speculated at an August release date for Madden 21, we expect to know for sure after 1 June.

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madden 21 gameplay release
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LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION- We could get our first look into Madden 21 gameplay on 1 June

What goes hand in hand with almost every video game trailer? A look into gameplay.

We fully expect our first look at Madden 21 on 1 June to include some amount of in-game footage. This could mean short clips broken up in a trailer or a more bold long-form release.

Either way, we expect to have our first footage of Madden 21 gameplay by 1 June. That means seeing firsthand how the series will look in its next gen debut.

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Next gen

Xbox Series X vs PS5 hype
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THE FUTURE IS NOW- Madden 21 will be out for the release of next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X

Madden 21 will be the first of the series to make the leap to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

And while we've seen some footage of the Xbox Series X thanks to a recent Inside Xbox stream (with a bit of Madden 21), and we've seen how the new Unreal Engine 5 will look on the PS5, some more gameplay footage of Madden 21 would be a huge reveal for what's to come.

That means even non-fans of the Madden series will want to keep up with what comes 1 June.

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