Madden 20: NFL Combine LIVE on MUT - 97 OVR Master confirmed!

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MUT players were just getting adjusted to the amazing 99 OVR Patrick Mahomes and an elite set of Super Bowl LIV players, but a new promo here to blow them away.

Series 5 has bought a lot of interesting promos already, but with the NFL Combine here there is another one coming.

The NFL Combine promo is usually full of amazingly athletic cards. Last year saw a 99 OVR Chris Johnson card that had max speed and acceleration along with a bunch of 97 OVR cards. So what will we get this year?

Release date

The NFL Combine promo has now gone live.

The Combine itself kicked off in Indianapolis on Sunday 23 February, so it makes sense to get the promo up and running now.

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Good Morning Madden confirmed that the NFL Combine promo will be in three parts. Offensive players are now live, with defensive and specialist players coming later.

Who is the Combine Master?

chris johnson mut nfl combine
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Complete the set, get an amazing card. That is the usual formula with special promos like the NFL Combine one.

As we said, last year was a stunning Chris Johnson card, so who is it this year?

Combine Master Deion Sanders

NFL combine master deion sanders 1
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PRIME TIME: Good luck picking up yards against Deion Sanders

Few players have ever been as athletically gifted as Deion Sanders.

Known as "Prime Time", Sanders is arguably the best cornerback to ever play in the NFL and has regularly been a nightmare for MUT offenses.

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With 98 speed, 97 man coverage, and 94 zone coverage he will be the best corner in the game, and when powered up is almost certain to hit 99 OVR.

NFL Combine Standouts

A trio of 96 OVR cards will support this Sanders one.

Amari Cooper, Alvin Kamara, and Denzel Ward are the lucky recipients, which only serves to improve those deadly Cowboys theme teams.

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amari cooper nfl combine
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PRECISE DESTRUCTION: Cooper's route-running will frustrate defenses

All three will bring strong speed, agility, and ball skills, creating an ultra-athletic team that will be a nightmare to play against.

You can get Amari Cooper now, and trade three versions of him in for Deion Sanders, but you will have to wait to get your hands on Ward & Kamara.

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