Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The fastest quarterbacks (QB) to buy in MUT - MVP Lamar Jackson, Michael Vick & more

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The quarterback position is full of quality cards in MUT, especially now that Series 5 is here.

You can basically pick your favorite passer from the last 60 years of NFL history and they are likely to have a quality card for you to put at the helm of your Ultimate Team.

However, the one thing that can really make a quarterback
stand out is speed. While most players like to slice and dice from the pocket,
having a player that can escape pressure and create yards from nothing is a
wonderful plan B to have up your sleeve.

So if you want to run an option-heavy offense, create a deadly red zone package, or just cause your opponent endless frustration, then these are the quarterbacks for you.

Lamar Jackson (98 OVR)

lamar jackson fast qb nfl honors
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Speed: 95

Program: NFL Honors

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Auction House Value: Xbox - 2.7m / PS4 - 2.4m / PC - 3.6m

Lamar Jackson took home MVP honors for this NFL season, which means he got the top NFL Honors card in MUT. The result is this 98 OVR card that is an absolute monster.

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With 95 speed and 96 acceleration, he can run away from nearly anyone. Lamar also 99 break sack, 97 throw on the run, 97 throw under pressure, and 95 short accuracy.

Michael Vick (96 OVR)

Michal Vick Ghosts of Madden past mut
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Speed: 93

Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Auction House Value: Xbox - 435k / PS4 - 428k / PC - 422k

Welcome to the most frustrating opponent in MUT. This Vick card is insane, and a modern-day retelling of the fabled Madden 04 Vick.

With 93 speed, 95 acceleration, and 95 agility he is a menace to bring down at any time. His 96 throw power means he can drop back 20 yards and still throw over the top of your safeties, and his 92 juke move and 86 spin move means tackling him in the open field is a nightmare.

Kyler Murray (96 OVR)

Kyler Murray NFL honors mut
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Speed: 93

Program: NFL Honors

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Auction House Value: Xbox - 801k / PS4 - 735k / PC - Unknown

The #1 pick also earned Offensive Rookie of the Year honors this season, getting him this MUT card.

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Murray's 93 speed comes with 94 acceleration, 97 throw on the run, and 96 break sack. He also carries 93 short accuracy and 92 deep accuracy.

Lamar Jackson (93 OVR)

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Speed: 92

Program: Blitz

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Auction House Value: Xbox – 655,000 / PS4 – 610,000 / PC – 600,000

This Lamar Jackson card is a fiend to play against. Not only does it have 92 speed, 93 acceleration, and 93 agility, but with a 97 break sack, 93 throw under pressure, and 93 juke move he is nearly impossible to bring down.

Pair that will 89 short accuracy, 91 throw on the run, and 88 throw power and you have arguably the best offensive weapon in MUT.

Kyler Murray (90 OVR)

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Speed: 90

Program: Blitz

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Auction House Value: Xbox – 164,000 / PS4 – 150,000 / PC –

The 2019 #1 pick has had an up and down rookie season, but
there is no doubt that Kyler Murray is an exceptionally talented athlete that
can throw the ball very well.


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This Blitz card comes with 90 speed, 91 acceleration, and 86 elusiveness, but also 89 throw power, 91 break sack, 91 throw on the run, and 85 short accuracy. If you play as a pocket passer you won’t maximize Murray’s talents, but if you like to use options and roll-outs then this is your guy.

All the fastest quarterbacks (QB) in MUT

Player Speed OVR Team Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Lamar Jackson9598Baltimore RavensNFL Honors2.7m / 2.4m
Michael Vick9396Atlanta FalconsGhosts of Madden - Past435k / 428k
Kyler Murray9396Arizona CardinalsNFL Honors801k / 735k
Lamar Jackson9293Baltimore RavensBlitz655k / 610k
Kyler Murray9090Arizona CardinalsBlitz164k / 150k
Lamar Jackson9090Baltimore RavensTOTW270k / 246k
Randall Cunningham8893Philadelphia EaglesLegends289k / 269k
Michael Vick8892Atlanta FalconsMUT 10  322k / 332k
Kyler Murray8884Arizona CardinalsTOTW  21.1k / 19.8k
Russell Wilson8797Seattle SeahawksTOTY361k / 335k
Taysom Hill8785New Orleans SaintsTOTW  21.5k / 27.3k
Deshaun Watson8695Houston TexansNFL Playoffs349k / 321k
Kyler Murray8680Arizona CardinalsMUT Heroes  6.5k / 7k
Daniel Jones8595New York GiantsGhosts of Madden - Future305k / 305k
Mohamed Sanu Sr8589New England PatriotsOut Of Position54.4k / 51k
Marcus Mariota8588Tennessee TitansMost Feared  75.9k / 75.1k
Randall Cunningham8491Philadelphia EaglesLegends  116k / 120k
Taysom Hill8478New Orleans SaintsTOTW  3.5k / 2.4k

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Madden Ultimate Team is full of high quality cards, and that
will only increase as the year goes on. Right now elite speed is hard to come
by, but it’s vital to the success of your team. That means you need to find the
fastest cards around and fit them into your squad where you can. We have these
cards for you here.

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