Madden 20: Quarterbacks with the best throw power in Ultimate Team

Everyone wants a QB who can sling the ball around the field, these guys are MUT’s best.

by Remy Cabache

The level of customization in Madden Ultimate Team mean you can build a team precisely how you want to. Each player can be specifically chosen for a clear reason. So, you can choose to focus on any number of attributes to emphasize on both offense and defense.

Offensively you may love to run the ball from power formations, so you target big, strong running backs and QBs with good play action and accuracy, or you may want to run a spread offense with lots of option plays, so you go after mobile and accurate QBs. Whatever it is, you can pick it.

Well, if you want a QB with an absolute cannon, who can sling the ball to any spot on the field, then these are your guys.


Matthew Stafford, MUT Heroes (90 OVR)

Throw Power: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 130k/PS4 – 126k/PC – 140k

It shouldn’t be surprising that Matthew Stafford is high up on this list.

He has demonstrated time and time again that he has a rocket for an arm, and this card represents that. Pairing his 93 throw power with 86 short accuracy, 82 medium accuracy and 84 deep accuracy, along with 83 throw on the run and 84 throw under pressure, Stafford can sling it from anywhere and hit any spot.

For around 130k he isn’t bad value, either.

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Mike Vick, Series Redux (92 OVR)

Throw Power: 92

Auction House Value: Xbox – 809k/PS4 – 802k/PC – 792k

Very few players have ever made such a strong arm look so effortless. With a flick of his wrist it seemed Vick could sling a ball on a line or send it flying and arching downfield.

Of course, you aren’t only getting a strong arm with Vick. His 88 speed, 91 acceleration, 91 agility, 87 juke move and 82 elusiveness make him a nightmare. Add that to his throw power, 85 short accuracy, 83 medium accuracy, 86 deep accuracy, 91 throw on the run and 92 break sack, this guy is a demon for opposing defenses.

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Aaron Rodgers, Team of the Week (LTD) (92 OVR)

Throw Power: 92

Auction House Value: Xbox – 620k/PS4 – 550k/PC – N/A

Aaron Rodgers is another QB who can seemingly throw the ball as far as he wants without any effort, and he earned this card after a six touchdown game in Week 7.

Unsurprisingly, he has incredible ratings. 92 throw power, 93 short accuracy, 85 medium accuracy, 89 deep accuracy, 91 throw on the run, 86 play action, 85 throw under pressure and 86 break sack. With chemistry’s and abilities added this card is hard to stop.

It was the limited time card from Week 7, so finding it will be difficult, but I wouldn’t worry too much, because the next card may solve your problem.

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Aaron Rodgers, Ultimate Kickoff (91 OVR)

Throw Power: 91

Auction House Value: Xbox – 396k/PS4 – 385k/PC – 250k

There isn’t much to say about this card, other than it is fair better value than Rodgers’ TOTW card.

It is almost identical in every rating, just one or two points off at most, but it will still improve up to another two overall with each Packers win, and when paired with Rodgers’ Power Up card, and some chemistry’s, this card is a far better option.

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Josh Allen, Team of the Week (79 OVR)

Throw Power: 91

Auction House Value: Xbox 2.3k/PS4 – 2.4k/PC – 4.2k

By far the lowest rated overall card of the top five, and other than his core gold card, the lowest rated overall card in the top 20.

Really, with Josh Allen’s card, all you are getting is arm strength. He has just 67 short accuracy, 70 medium accuracy, 70 deep accuracy, 78 throw on the run and 65 throw under pressure. With 78 speed and 53 carrying, he isn’t that good a runner either.

He’ll be able to sling it, but not accurately, which is why he is so cheap despite his elite throw power.

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The best throw power QBs in MUT

Player Team Program Overall Throw Power
Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions MUT Heroes 90 93
Mike Vick Atlanta Falcons Series Redux (MUT 10) 92 92
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Team of the Week (LTD) 92 92
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Ultimate Kickoff 91 91
Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Team of the Week 79 91
Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Most Feared 92 90
Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys Legends 91 90
Derek Carr Oakland Raiders Signature Series 92 90
Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Flashbacks 89 89
John Elway Denver Broncos Legends 90 89
Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs MUT Superstars 90 89
Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Core Gold 74 88
Deshaun Watson Houston Texans Series Redux (TOTW) 91 88
David Carr Houston Texans Theme Diamonds 89 88
Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts Series Redux (M20 Tribute) 92 88
Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts Most Feared 93 88
Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers TOTW 87 87
Kurt Warner Los Angeles Rams Theme Diamonds 93 87
Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Core Elite 87 87
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Series Redux (TOTW) 92 87

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Remy Cabache