Madden 20 Money Plays: How to beat cover 2 zone EVERY TIME

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Cover 2 zone defense is used a lot in Madden as a standard base defense. It is good to use as it gives a balance between stopping the run and stopping the passing game.

Having a play or two to crack the cover 2 zone is crucial to consistently moving the ball.


This is a play that will get 30-40 yards virtually every time if you execute properly. This isn't as simple as other plays we have posted, but it has bigger upside in terms of big gains.

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This play is focused on longer yardage situations, do not use it if there is less than 8 yards to go for your first down. You should save these for when you know you need to connect down the field.

Gun Tight Slots HB wk – Flood


Playbook – Oakland Raiders & Tenneesee Titans

Formation – Gun

Group – Tight Slots HB Wk

Play – Flood


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BEATERS: A lot of these routes will confuse a user MLB

The Cardinals playbook is the best offensive playbook this year and this play is no exception. The best thing is how simple it is;

  1. Smart Route WR X/Square Receiver (RB/R1 in the WR Hot Routes adjustments)
  2. Block the TE A/X Receiver (RT/R2 in the TE Hot Routes)
  3. Put HB on a wheel route (RS Up in the HB Hot Routes)

This play gives you options. Unless the opponent has hard flats, then the first read is the HB who could be wide open.

The second read is the Y/Triangle Receiver who is usually wide open and cutting through the zone. This pass is all about timing, but you will have the window.

Because the second read attacks the sideline its great in late game situations when you need to manage the clock and you can get out of bounds easily if you need to.


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Remember, as with any plays in Madden, they can be stopped. If the opponent does hard flats and then users against that specific Receiver it will make this play harder to execute - but that would require an elite opponent and then luck to guess the route they need to manually cover.

If you use this play too much, good players will learn how to stop it - so use it for the big plays you need when chasing the game.