Madden 20: The latest unbeatable MUT play is here

Is there any better feeling that completely shutting down an opponent and watching them squirm as they fail to make any yards? No there is not.

We have a play here which looks like the new meta play on defense to replace Pinch Buck 0 which it seems like everyone has been running.

A play that stops both the Run and Pass is huge, and this one is just that. In Madden 20, pass rushing is more important than ever and with this play you will stop the Run but also have a great chance of a sack if they are silly enough to try and pass on you.

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We have a play, that with only 3 adjustments, will beat BOTH the Run and Pass;

4-3 Under – FS Fire 3

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Playbook – Any 4-3, recommend Patriots for their versatility for other plays

Formation – 4-3

Group – Under

Play – FS Fire 3

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This is a really simple play;

  1. Move your FS down to the line of scrimmage
  2. Set QB contain on using LB/L1 and then RB/R1
  3. Bring the MLB down onto the line either on the edge of the DE or inside the DE (on the opposite side to the FS)
  4. Optional - if you are confident of a pass, spread the DLine. Likewise if confident of a Run up the middle then pinch.

You can then user the MLB to either take out the short routes on a pass or to stop a rushing attack.

When you do this, the sheer pressure of your 5/6 man front will mean the QB has zero time to get the ball away. Likewise, that amount of defenders in such a wide spread is really difficult to run against.

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Another way you can improve the play but more risky, is to also put the OLB thats on the opposite side to the FS in blitz. Do this before the QB contain and this player along with the FS will set the edge.

We expect this to be the new Meta Defense Money Play that dominates MUT for the foreseeable. Enjoy!

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