Madden 20: Best press corners in Ultimate Team

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A position made especially trendy by the
Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom: press cornerbacks. Not only will this corner
take away a player or an entire side of the field, he will jam receivers at the
line of scrimmage and make it virtually impossible to get a route going.

Taking away a receiver before his route has
developed by pressing him at the line can throw off any Madden QB. What will
they do when their receivers struggle to get off the line of scrimmage and
their timing is off?


So, which corners in MUT can you target to lockdown opposing wide receivers?

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Ward, Most Feared (97 OVR)


House Value: Xbox – 331K/PS4 – 310K/PC – 285K

Before I really dive in on Ward, his lofty
stats, making him the best corner in the game right now, are thanks to a Most
Feared boost which will wear off on November 1. His ratings will drop down to a
92 OVR card, with 90 press, 92 man coverage, 84 zone coverage, 92 speed and 92

With 95 press, 97 man coverage, 89 zone coverage, 97 speed and 97 acceleration, Ward is going to completely lock down every receiver who lines up opposite him, even the great Randy Moss. Even after his ratings drop he will be one of the top press corners in MUT.


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Sherman, Ultimate Kickoff (91 OVR)


House Value: Xbox – 380K/PS4 – 397K/PC – 268K

Arguably the figurehead in the recent press
corner movement, Sherman had to be on this list.

With 84 speed he really isn’t the fastest
corner, and on the surface that rating could be quite worrying, especillaly
considering his price. However, with 92 press, 94 zone coverage, 93 awareness
and 93 play recognition you won’t have to worry about his lack of speed. He
will shut down an entire side of the field without leaning on being fast.


What’s more, he will undoubtedly grow another 2 OVR when the 49ers win two more games.

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White, Signature Series (91 OVR)


House Value: Xbox – 399K/PS4 – 416K/PC – N/A

This Bills cornerback is quietly one of the
most underrated corners in the NFL, and this card is possibly the best corner in
MUT right now.


Some may be scared off by his 77 jumping, while this is low, it shouldn’t be an issue when you consider his other ratings. With 92 press, 88 man coverage, 87 zone coverage, 88 speed, 91 awareness and 91 play recognition, he’ll be right with every receiver and he’ll get to the right place at the right time.

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Jalen Ramsey, MUT Heroes (91 OVR)


House Value: Xbox – 255K/PS4 – 251K/PC – 231K

Now a Los Angeles Ram, Ramsey’s inclusion
shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone and his MUT Heroes card is possibly the best
value card in this top five.


Any concerns you may have with Sherman’s speed or White’s jumping you won’t have with Ramsey. With 88 speed, 89 jumping, 92 man coverage, 90 zone coverage and 92 press he is a beast. All of that on a 6’1” frame and you’re in business.

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Smith, Ultimate Kickoff (88 OVR)


House Value: Xbox – 110K/PS4 – 115K/PC – 126K

Casey Hayward’s most feared card could go in here, but at 93 OVR with the boost he drops too low to stay in this top five.


Smith, meanwhile, is the lowest OVR card in
the top five and there are better cards overall below him, but if you’re
looking for a big, physical press corner he is very good value for money
(coins). He only has 84 speed, but his 91 press, 87 man coverage, 72 strength,
85 awareness and 85 play recognition make him worth your while in a press-man

Plus he’ll be 93 OVR if the Ravens can win five more games this season.

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best press corners in MUT

Player Team Program Overall Press
Denzel WardCleveland BrownsMost Feared97 (92)95 (90)
Richard ShermanSan Francisco 49ersUltimate Kickoff9192
Tre’Davious WhiteBuffalo BillsSignature Series9192
Jalen RamseyJacksonville JaguarsMUT Heroes9192
Jimmy SmithBaltimore RavensUltimate Kickoff8891
Casey Hawyard JrLos Angeles ChargersMost Feared93 (88)91
Patrick PetersonArizona CardinalsTeam of the Week9190
Ty LawNew England PatriotsLegends9290
Jalen RamseyJacksonville JaguarsCore Elite8789
Desmond TrufantAtlanta FalconsSignature Series9089
Aqib TalibTampa Bay BuccaneersFlashbacks9089
Chris McAlisterBaltimore RavensTheme Diamonds8989
Mel BlountPittsburgh SteelersLegends8988
Willie BrownOakland RaidersLegends9088
Joe HadenCleveland BrownsFlashbacks8888
Richard ShermanSan Francisco 49ersCore Elite8688
Stephon GilmoreNew England PatriotsMUT Superstars9088
Jaire AlexanderGreen Bay PackersFootball Outsiders8887
Xavien HowardMiami DolphinsMUT Heroes9086
Carlton Davis IIITampa Bay BuccaneersFootball Outsiders8586

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