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29 Oct 2019

Madden 20: Offensive Money Play - Beat Cover 3 EVERY TIME

Playing online there are certain plays that get picked up by players and used over and over again.

It can be frustrating when playing MUT and having players do this, however it doubles the fun when you find ways to beat them in the same way.

This Madden MUT Cover 3 defense is really common. There is very little running the ball and so defenses set up to defend the pass every time.

We have a play, that with only 1 adjustment, will beat Cover 3 every time;

Shotgun Spread Y Slot - Curl Wheel

Playbook - Arizona Cardinals

Formation - Shotgun

Group - Spread Y-Slot

Play - Curl Wheel

The Cardinals playbook is the best offensive playbook this year and this play is no exception. The best thing is how simple it is;

  1. All you have to do is put your HB in a blocking route (Y/Triangle, RB/R1 to select HB and RT/R2 to block)
  2. Throw the pass Low to the X/Square Receiver (Press LT/L2 as you press X/Square)

The key to the play is timing. Wait for the underneath linebacker to move a little more inside. The Low throw means the CB covering your WR won't be able to get to it.

There are things you can do to combat this play so don't use it over and over, but do keep handy for when you need it.

It is always best to have these plays ready when you need them, so be sure to adjust your audibles and have this one in your back pocket for those big 3rd downs and late-game moments.