Madden 20: NFL Draft 2020 top 5 picks enter Ultimate Team - Joe Burrow ratings, Chase Young, Okudah, Thomas, Tua

The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft is done and dusted, and all 32 players will be entering Madden 20's Ultimate Team!

Being done remotely, it was certainly an interesting and unique draft.

The top five picks contained few surprises and will enter MUT immediately. That means they are available to Ultimate Team players well before they come into Franchise Mode in Madden 21.

So, what do their cards look like, and are they worth you adding to your squad?

Joe Burrow ratings

This pick wasn't a surprise, and his card is an immediate contender for plenty of squads.

joe burrow nfl draft madden 20
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#1 MAN: Joe Burrow gets the 99 OVR card

He's 99 OVR, but comes with some elite stats. He's got 99 short acc, 97 mid, and 98 deep with 97 throw under pressure and on the run, and 93 throw power along with a very useful 86 speed.

Chase Young ratings

Welcome to your new QB killer.

chase young madden 20 mut draft
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GO GET 'EM: Chase Young is an ideal 4-3 DE

Washington's latest pass rusher comes with a massive 94 acceleration and 88 speed. He's also got a terrific 96 finesse move, 93 block shed, and 95 tackle.

Jeffrey Okudah ratings

Locking up a star wide receiver has never been easier with Jeffrey Okudah on your squad.

jeffrey okudah madden draft
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SHUTDOWN CORNER: Okudah will get it done for you

Detroit's latest star has 97 acceleration and 96 speed, along with 98 man coverage, 97 press, 97 jumping, and 92 zone coverage.

Andrew Thomas ratings

Need a new tackle? Well Andrew Thomas is your guy.

andrew thomas madden draft
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BRICK WALL: There's no getting past Thomas

Andrew Thomas has a perfect 99 run block along with a 96 pass block. His 97 awareness will let him pick up blitzes, and with 95 strength he will move bodies.

Tua Tagovailoa ratings

The Dolphins new QB is a lefty which will turn some players off, but Tua is also a star.

tua ratings madden draft mut
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TUA TIME: Welcome to Miami

The Alabama quarterback has no hip worries in Madden 20. Instead, he comes with 99 short acc, 95 medium acc and 96 deep acc. That comes with 98 play action, 96 throw power, and 96 throw on the run.

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