Madden 20 Weekend League: Rewards, packs, coins, start date, how to qualify, & more

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Madden 20 Ultimate Team is where the most competitive Madden players go, and Weekend League is where they make their mark.

It may sound daunting jumping into the Weekend League event, but there are rewards there that can help push your squad up and let you get that amazing player you always wanted.


It's also one of the best ways to earn trophies, and with Series 6 just around corner now is a great time to get building up your reserves!

So, what do you need to know about MUT Weekend League?

How to qualify

Bo Jackson Madden 20 Ultimate team

BO KNOWS: Rack up wins in Weekend League

It is easy to earn your entry to Weekend League.

The simplest way is through Solo Battles. Reaching MVP level (200,000 points) gets you entry to the next Weekend League. This is a simple task as you can set your difficulty and take on the AI.

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Or you can go through the Knockout Tournament, but this is an unlikely path given that you should be playing Solo Battles anyway.

When does Weekend League run

The name suggests it will only go from Saturday to Sunday, but you actually get longer.

Weekend League opens up around 4.30 pm ET on Thursday, and runs to 10am ET on Monday. That's a long time to compete!


How many games can you play?

Aaron donald in Madden 20

D WINS: You'll need a strong defense to really pick up wins

Each team only has 25 games within Weekend League to rack up as many wins as possible.


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Sure, you'll run into some juggernaut teams that crush your spirit, but there will also be some creampuff teams you can pick up quick wins against.


So, what can you expect to earn for your time and efforts? Even you aren't the most successful team you can pick up some serious rewards.

Tier Wins Required Rewards
Amateur121 Hail Mary pack, 2,800 coins
Rookie21 Hail Mary, 4,500 coins, 20 Trophies
Pro42 Hail Mary, 7,000 coins, 40 Trophies
Veteran7Pro tier + 2 Midfield packs, 11,000 coins, 70 Trophies
Star10Veteran tier + WL Entry, 1 Redzone pack, 21,000 coins, 120 Trophies
All-Star13Veteran tier + WL Entry, 2 Redzone packs, 28,000 coins 170 Trophies
MVP16All-Star tier + WL Entry, 1 Touchdown pack, 36,000 coins, 230 Trophies
Legend18All-Star tier + WL Entry, 2 Touchdown packs, 50,000 coins, 300 Trophies
76-100N/AAll-Star tier + WL Entry, 2 Touchdown packs, 112,000 coins, 400 Trophies, 90+ OVR player
75-51N/ALegend tier + WL Entry, 1 Touchdown pack, 120,000 coins, 460 Trophies, 94+ OVR player
50-26N/ALegend tier + WL Entry, 1 Touchdown packs, 125,000 coins, 550 Trophies, 94+ OVR player
25-10N/ALegend tier + WL Entry, 2 Touchdown packs, 140,000 coins, 650 Trophies, 94+ OVR player
10-2N/ALegend tier + WL Entry, 2 Touchdown packs, 146,000 coins, 780 Trophies, 94+ OVR player (choose 1 of 2)
1N/ALegend Tier + WL Entry, 3 Touchdown packs, 206,000 coins, 880 Trophies, 94+ OVR player (choose 1 of 2)

There are also monthly rewards, so even if you are just grinding out a few wins per weekend you should keep going to pick up a batch of players and extra coins and training.