Madden 21 Release Date: When will madden 21 come out? EA Play, Lamar Jackson cover star, gameplay & more

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The only sport that has been relatively untouched by COVID-19 is the NFL.

Super Bowl LIV was all over before the pandemic got going, and the NFL Draft at the end of April is still scheduled to go ahead.

However, Madden hasn't been quite so lucky. Last week's Color Smash promo suffered a delay due in large part to EA Sports' staff having to work from home.

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So will Madden 21 suffer the same fate, or can EA deliver on time?


Is there going to be a Madden 21?

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It's unlikely that we will see an outright cancellation of Madden 21 due to the coronavirus problems.

The NFL game is a money-spinner for EA, and with 2K entering the football market in 2021 it will be their last unopposed NFL game for a while.

If push came to shove only FIFA 21 would be higher on the EA Sports priority list than Madden 21.

When will Madden 21 come out?

The million-dollar question!

Madden 21 does not have an official release date yet.

Madden 20 hit on 2 August, a week earlier than the previous title, which was again earlier than expected.


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I doubt EA Sports will be looking for a July release date, so circle the first week of August in your calendar for the arrival of Madden 21.

EA Play to hold the answer?

While the usual June gaming expos are cancelled, EA Play will be taking place digitally.

ea play confirmed
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This is surely where they will give us the Madden 21 release date info we are all craving.


Madden 21 cover star confirmed

Lamar Jackson celebrating in Madden
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CLEAR FAVORITE: Lamar Jackson is the obvious choice for the cover


We now know who will be on the cover of Madden 21.

EA Sports don't like to repeat positions, but there is no doubt that Lamar Jackson, the reigning NFL MVP, deserves to go on the front of the box.

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