Madden 20: Master the Jet Chip Wasp Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl play

Only 2 weeks on from the historic Super Bowl LIV 49ers vs. Chiefs, we are all still talking about THAT play.

3rd and 15 and chasing the game in the 4th quarter. The Chiefs made an incredible play that changed the momentum of the game, ultimately toward the win.

The play is called the "Jet Chip Wasp" and EA has been stunningly quick to respond. This kind of reaction keeps games relevant when a lot of focus has shifted to Madden 21 and what it might look like on the next-gen consoles - the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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It started with a tweet from the player who caught the pass - Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek hill wasp play tweet
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CELEBRATIONS: It didn't take Hill long to make the request

And just like that, it became a reality.

ea reply tweet wasp play
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HUSTLIN': EA Sports turned it around in a single day

So for hints about how to run it, check out the below.

How to run Jet Chip Wasp

jet chip wasp madden 20
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ELITE: Hammer opponents with this deep throw

You will need the KC offensive playbook to run the play, but you will also need the right player.

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This play is designed for Hill. He has 99 speed and acceleration, but also 90 release and 96 deep route running. All of these are perfect to play the primary route on this play.

You need a player with good release and route running to make the final cut that makes the space.

Primary route - Y/Triangle - This is the main read if there is no obvious heavy blitz. It's all about timing, and particularly against a man defense. Hit pass with a lead to the sideline just as the player does the cut to the sideline.

Secondary routes - X/Square & B/Circle - These are the two secondary reads that are the go-to if you realize you are playing zone defense or cover 4. A zone defender at the back sideline spells disaster for the primary route, but these two routes are placed underneath the secondary and therefore perfect for picking off 20-30 yards.

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Checkdown routes - RB/R1 & A/X - Both these routes are block and release routes. If there is a heavy blitz these are your checkdowns if nothing is free. You can press the button once to release the block, but be prepared to press it quickly again to make the pass as you will be getting pressure in your face.

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