Madden 21: 3 new features we need in EA's next NFL game

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Producing an annual sporting title is perhaps the most unforgiving task in gaming.

Fans want constant innovation and change, but when the sport itself is so rigid that can be nearly impossible.

Still, new features do leak into the game, and Madden 20 was a big one for that.

Both Superstar X-Factor abilities and the Superstar KO game mode came in, while Face of the Franchise was a natural evolution from Longshot.

Did EA empty the clip for Madden 20? Or do they have a few new tweaks up their sleeve for Madden 21?

Here are the features we want to see added to the next instalment of NFL gaming.

Playcalling limits

Madden 20 house rules lock out play choices
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LOCKDOWN: Can't pick that play again

This was introduced by EA this year as an Ultimate Team House Rules, and it went down extremely well.

Not only did it prevent players from running the same glitchy money plays over and over, but it added a sense of realism to the game.

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We want this to be taken further and become a fully customisable option of Franchise Mode.

Players should have the option to switch it on, and adjust the limits, so you can run a play six times all game, but with a cooldown of four snaps for example, or have the limits linked directly to quarter length.

Enforce punts & FG tries

madden 20 4th down attempt
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4TH & FOREVER: Players love going for it when they should punt

Along the same lines of added realism, forcing players to actually punt on 4th & 7 from their own 20 in the first quarter would be an excellent way to retain a true football feel in Madden.

There are times where going for it makes sense, and the math suggests that NFL coaches should go for it far more often than they do, but even the numbers draw the line at 4th & 8 inside your own half.

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Madden could use this logic to lock non-punt or punt-fake plays when backed up inside your own 30, but 4th & 1 from your 45? It's wide open for you.

Obviously this logic would need to relax given the score. down 10 with four minutes left it doesn't really matter the down and distance, you are going for it.

A true story mode

madden 20 face of the franchise media questions
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MEDIA STAR: FOTF was fun, but short

Two years of Longshot and one of Face of the Franchise has been a little disappointing.

There's no doubt the FOTF was an improvement over Longshot, but it was still a quick story that just led into a normal player-focused career mode.

Once you were in the NFL any semblance of a story faded away.

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Madden 20 introduced some scenario challenges, but integrating that into a 14-year NFL career where your player goes from rookie to established player to all-time great would be an amazing journey for Madden players.

Imagine if you could do challenges that affect your draft stock. Then from where you are drafted your story develops into earning a starting spot, winning a Super Bowl after a big injury to a key player, and eventually trying to follow John Elway and Peyton Manning by going out on top.

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