Madden 21 Ratings: Week 4 Roster Update Predictions - Tom Brady, Joe Mixon, Odell Beckham Jr. & more

EA brings massive Madden 21 ratings adjustments each week according to performances in the 2020 NFL season.

Week 4's ratings adjustments will soon go live!

So who should go up, and who should drop in ratings this week?

Player Rating Adjustments Week 4

Hundreds of Madden 21 player ratings are adjusted each week, but only a few come out as the biggest winners and losers.

Madden 21 Ratings Adjustments Week 4
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PROVING GROUNDS: Each week's roster updates bring huge ratings adjustments

Here are our predictions for the biggest winners and losers from week 4.


These are the players we expect to get big Madden 21 ratings increases after big week 4 performances.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. could very well come out the biggest winner of the Madden 21 week 4 roster update. The Cleveland Browns have had a fantastic start to the 2020 NFL season, and in week 4, Odell Beckham Jr. showed the superstar potential fans have discounted.

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Beckham Jr. pulled in 2 receiving TDs across 89 receiving yards, and even ran for another TD across 73 rushing yards.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady showed why he still should be treated as the legend he has always been in week 4.

tom brady madden 21 ratings
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LEGEND: Brady hasn't slowed down a step in a new uniform

Brady put together an amazing performance in week 4, throwing for 5 TDs and 369 yards, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 38-31 win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon proved all doubters wrong in week 4 of the 2020 NFL season, carrying the Cincinnati Bengals to their first win this year over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Mixon ran for 2 TDs over 151 yards, and brought in another receiving TD, stacking up another 30 yards.


It's not all rainbows and sunshine in the NFL, and some players felt that more than others in week 4.

They'll feel it even more in the ratings department with the Madden 21 week 4 roster update.

AJ Green

The #1 receiving option in the Cincinnati Bengals offense has done little to nothing to earn the major contract that's expiring after this season.

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Week 4 was more of the disappointing same for AJ Green, who managed just 1 reception for 5 yards in the Bengals first victory of 2020.

Rob Gronkowski

The biggest mistake made by Madden 21 ratings adjustors was Rob Gronkwoski, who started with 95 OVR.

gronkowski madden 21
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EA has clearly realized this, as Gronk has tanked in rating in each week's roster update, and we expect more after week 4 brought the legendary tight end just 1 reception for 29 yards.

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EA has clearly realized this, as Gronk has tanked in rating in each week's roster update, and we expect more after week 4 brought the legendary tight end just 1 reception for 29 yards.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones is the lead receiving option for the Atlanta Falcons, and while he remains a legend, he's done little to earn his massive 96 OVR rating this season.

Madden Ultimate Team Madden 21 Superstar MVP LTD Julio Jones
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BETTER DAYS: Jones may have received some success in MUT 21, but his rating could take a hit this week

Jones managed just 32 yards in the Atlanta Falcons fourth loss of the season, remaining winless in 2020. And it wasn't for a lack of targets, pulling in 4 receptions.

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While it certainly can't all be blamed on Jones, he'll have to do better to keep his high rating.

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