Madden 21: November Title Update Patch Notes - Servers Down, Hotfix Update, Gameplay, MUT, Franchise, The Yard, Superstar KO & more

Madden 21 still receives constant fixes and upgrades, and a new November Title Update has gone live!

While this new update has caused some server issues, a new Title Update is coming to hotfix these problems.

Let's break down all of this patch's biggest changes, which touch on MUT, Franchise, The Yard, Superstar KO, and gameplay - as well as these new server issues.

Madden 21 servers down after November Title Update

Many players are having issues with Madden 21 servers after the November Title Update.

Madden 21 servers down november title update server status
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RADIO SILENCE: We haven't heard any new updates as the Madden team work on server issues

The problem is still persisting over 24 hours later, but EA have put out a temporary solution.

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Players can delete reserved space on their consoles or re-install the game to get through and log in. While this isn't guaranteed to work, EA recommends players try it.

Madden 21 servers down title update hotfix
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HOTFIX: A new Title Update is coming to fix the November Title Update

In the meantime, EA is working on a brand new Title Update to fix the November Title Update issues.

Madden 21 November Title Update Patch Notes

This month's Madden 21 title update is a big one!

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TRUZZ THE PROCESS: The QB Draw that has taken over the Madden 21 meta has been nerfed

It tackles the QB Draw meta, efficiency of Outside Zone and Stretch runs, dropped interception frequency, RAC issues, and more.

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Let's first go over the highlights.


  • Superstar KO adds Endless Run, a new game mode where players compete to stack the highest win streak in the game's history.
  • Fixed an issue where teammates could knock another's interception out of their hands.
  • Decreased penalties for defenders intercepting in traffic, which will reduce number of dropped interceptions.
  • Outside Zone and Stretch runs will yield less average yards per carry on Competitive All-Pro and All-Madden difficulties.
  • QB fumble frequency increased.
  • QB draw movement slowed down and more restricted.
  • RAC catches tuned to drop less frequently, range for defender breakups increased.
  • QB Slide moved to Tap X/Square, QB Dive moved to Hold X/Square.
  • Inaccurate passing tuned to happen less often under pressure.

Other Changes

While the other Madden 21 November Title Update changes are important, they aren't quite as big as the highlights.


  • Fixed AI edge-rush animations from not triggering in certain alignments.
  • Fixed an issue on the ‘Field Goal Safe Man’ play which caused excessive ‘Roughing the Kicker’ penalties.
  • The ball will no longer sometimes launch across the field after a hit stick, a bug made infamous in videos.
  • Tuning on the Truck move for Bruiser ball-carriers to slow down the oversteer that was becoming an exploit.
  • Fixed an issue where TEs and FBs would swap on certain audibles.


  • Individual Training Point reward screens are now combined into one.
  • Fixed an issue where Fantasy Packs had to be opened twice.
  • Art on the Item Compare screen improved.


  • Face of the Franchise stability improvements.
  • Franchise stability improvements.
  • Fixed a crashing issue during multi-user league drafts.

The Yard

  • Stability improvements.


  • Cowboys home pants now less green to match changes.
  • Mouthpieces are now usable throughout the game.

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