Madden 21 SZN 2: The Wave Brings Thanksgiving Theme, Superstar KO & OBJ Takeover

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This November, not only do we have the launch of Next Gen consoles, but it's Madden 21 Season 2 time.

We bring you all the new elements arriving in the game.

Autumn Blast

Ultimate Team’s Autumn Blast blows through Madden NFL 21 this November.

madden 21 autumn blast
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TURKEY TIME - Remember to be thankful this Season!

Feast on the program’s all-new Thanksgiving-themed content and upgrade your Ultimate Team roster.

Endless Run in Superstar KO

Play until you lose and keep drafting along the way in Superstar KO’s Endless Run.

Become the longest surviving Superstar and track your progress with new leaderboards.

All of your play will earn you XP and rewards.

Nike HQ Field Takeover - Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ takes over Nike HQ field with his signature style.

obj nike hq madden 21
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CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - This Season it's all about Browns man Odell Beckham Jr

This Week's Gear Drop

Tear up the Yard with this Fathers of Flash x Ochocinco number,

madden 21 szn 2 gear drop min
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STRIKE OUT - Will you opt for this look in the Yard?

What are Madden Seasons?

Madden Seasons feature weekly gear drops and limited-edition designs by partners and inspired by NFL superstar athletes.

It also brings new locations to play in The Yard, fresh Ultimate Team programs and more.


Seasons keeps Madden 21 fresh, and will keep you coming back for more.

What about SZN 1?

Szn 1 fittingly launched with "Ultimate Kickoff" allowing you to complete challenges Ultimate Team and earn your Kickoff Master.

NIKE HQ was tributed to NFL Legend Nike HQ as well as an opening Geard Drop with Jufu.

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