Madden 21: Severs down after November Title Update - Timeline, Server Status, Weekend League & more

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EA's Madden 21 servers have had many problems in November, a new batch of server issues have come up after a new patch to fix them.

Let's dive into all the latest details, and the timeline on recovery.

Latest News - Madden 21 server issues for PS4 players

A new batch of Madden 21 server issues have cropped up for PS4 players.

Madden 21 servers down title update timeline updates
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BACK AT IT: Madden 21 servers are back down on 25 November for PS4 players

This comes immediately after a patch went live to fix server connection problems caused by the previous November Title Update.

As this is a breaking story, stay tuned where we will update with news as it comes.

A Temporary Fix

With 24 hours since the problem started, players figured out a temporary solution to get into Madden 21 servers.

Now EA is pushing this workaround as a fix for the time being.

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The fix involves deleting Madden 21 reserved space on your console. This can also be accomplished by reinstalling the game.

While this has worked for some players, it doesn't mean it is guaranteed to work for you. But hey, there's not much else to do in the downtime.

Madden 21 Servers Down

Players have had issues with Madden 21 servers since the November Title Update went live.

Madden 21 servers down november title update server status
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LAST WORD: This Tweet is the last update we've received from the Madden team

Despite the November Title Update coming at roughly 11am EST, these issue were only first acknowledged by EA at 8:41pm EST.

Hotfix Update to Fix Servers

EA have announced that a new Madden 21 Title Update is in development to hotfix the Madden server problems for effected players.

Madden 21 servers down title update hotfix
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HOTFIX INBOUND: A new Title Update is in development

That's right, a Title Update is coming to fix the Title Update.

The good news is that most players can solve the problem themselves by deleting reserved space on consoles or re-installing the game.

Server Status

As of now, we still haven't gotten any new word on Madden 21 server status.

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With the Madden team investigating the issue, and the title update being the apparent cause, a new Title Update is in development to fix yesterday's Title Update.

This Madden 21 server outage is the first major issue since EA servers went down across the board for Halloween events.

EA servers down server status offline
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HISTORY: EA had recent server issues across all titles with Halloween events

Due to the sheer amount of Halloween event hype across all of EA's titles, including FIFA 21, Madden 21, Apex Legends, and more, EA's servers fell under the pressure.

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During that outage, the problem persisted for more than 8 hours. It seems we are on a similar course with new Madden 21 server issues, which will require a new hotfix Title Update to repair yesterday's.

Stay tuned with us here, where we will continue to update as we receive news on Madden 21 servers.


November Title Update

The November Title Update made some crucial game balance changes. So we can only hope it can be implemented without server issues soon.

Madden 21 servers down November Title Update Patch Notes MUT Franchise The Yard Gameplay Interceptions Fumbles QB Draw
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AIR IT OUT: The November Title Update made some crucial changes, but could be the issue behind Madden 21 servers going down

These changes include nerfs to the QB Draw, as well as the Outside Zone and Stretch run plays.

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Along with these changes, dropped interceptions were tuned by reducing the negative effects of defenders catching in traffic. RACs were also tuned to reduce the number of drops.

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Outside of this gameplay tuning, the November Title Update also touched on MUT, Franchise Mode, The Yard, and more.

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