LoL's Illaoi Joins the Fight at EVO Japan in 2XKO

EVO Japan 2XKO Illaoi announcement key art.
Credit: Riot Games

EVO Japan 2XKO Illaoi announcement key art.
Credit: Riot Games

In the lead-up to EVO Japan this week, Riot Games revealed Illaoi, the newest champion joining the upcoming 2v2 tag-based fighting game, 2XKO.

Blood-pumping trailers, striking concept art, and a recent reveal of the game’s official name and release window have only heightened the anticipation for Riot Games' first foray into the fighting game space! Set in a modern interpretation of League of Legends' Runeterra, 2XKO is poised to be a hit with both fighting game fans and LoL players.

Illaoi arrives in 2XKO, playable at EVO Japan

Great news for those attending EVO Japan! You'll get the chance to go hands-on with Illaoi (and the other previously announced champions) and experience her unique tentacle-based fighting style!

Earlier this year, Riot Games' League of Legends-based fighting game shed its codename, Project L, and is now officially known as 2XKO. The announcement came with a thrilling teaser showcasing the game's 2v2 team mechanics and introducing members of the starting roster: Ahri, Yasuo, Ekko, Darius, and a glimpse of the now-revealed Illaoi.

An image of Illaoi attacking Ekko with her summoned tentacles, sprouting from the ground.
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Credit: Riot Games

The developers emphasize that 2XKO's core gameplay is designed to be both immediately enjoyable for newcomers and rewarding for players who dedicate time to mastering its intricacies. The game builds upon the core tenets of fighting games – high skill ceilings, player expression, and adrenaline-pumping competition – while offering streamlined controls and mechanics that enable "faster fun."

Champions in the game have fast, powerful abilities that look impressive when executed, with quick and fluid movement at its core. 2XKO is all about bringing something fresh to the table, revolutionizing the world of fighting games!

Beyond that, 2XKO embraces the values and ethos of the FGC with a grassroots approach to building and connecting players to the broader fighting game community. It aims to capture the rivalry and camaraderie of an arcade experience in a live-service online game.

When is 2XKO arriving at EVO Japan?

While the full game is expected to launch sometime in 2025, Riot is offering playable demos throughout 2024, including at EVO Japan, taking place from April 27 to 29. That means you’ll have a chance to test out the fast-paced 2v2 team mechanics and see your favorite League of Legends champions come to life in action before the full game arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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