Galio Mains Upset Over Rework in LoL Patch 14.6

LoL Birdio Galio skin splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Birdio Galio skin splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Patch 14.6 keeps the update train rolling as the Riot dev team works hard behind the scenes to improve the game and bring more balance into the Fields of Justice.

The latest 14.6 patch has seen a major Galio rework and some, let's say improvements for Attack Damage Carries as champions who rely deeply on crit damage will have something to look forward to in this particular patch. However, the community is very much mad when it comes to Galio's rework and is not convinced these ADC improvements are improvements in essence since the survivability of AD carries remains a question.

Galio can no longer "one-shot"

League of Legends Patch 14.6 brings a big change for Galio. Forget the glass cannon mage – Riot's turning him into a bruiser focused on helping his team.

Galio 14.6
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Credit: Riot Games
Galio 14.6

This rework has players discussing one hot topic, Galio as a support. With an attack speed buff and a new passive that rewards him for being in the thick of things, he might become a strong frontline buddy for carries. Community members like "Jet_ss" on the forums are already thinking about how this could change the game – imagine Galio clearing wards while protecting his ADC!

But some Galio mains, like those on the "Galiomains" subreddit, aren't sure how he'll do in mid-lane anymore. The damage nerfs not only make it harder for him to burst down enemies, but his waveclear is now significantly slower, forcing players to find new ways to play and build him.

The rework itself delves deep, altering Galio's core identity.

His passive no longer scales with AP ratios, but instead grants bonus attack speed and gives a boost to his basic attacks when near enemies. This shift is complemented by the adjustments to his abilities

The cooldown on his engage tool, "Winds of War," is slightly reduced, potentially allowing for more frequent use. "Shield of Durand" receives a durability boost, scaling better with bonus health, while "Justice Punch" sees a damage reduction but gains significantly increased damage to minions and monsters, improving his wave clear. Here is a breakdown:

Colossal Smash (Passive)

  • Magic Damage: 15-200 (based on level) (+100% AD) (+50% AP) (+60% bonus magic resistance) ⇒ 15-115 (based on level) (+100% AD) (+40% AP) (+60% bonus magic resistance)
  • NEW: Hitting enemy champions or Epic monsters with abilities reduces this cooldown by 3 seconds, once per cast.
  • NEW: Colossal Smash now triggers spell effects.
  • NEW: Galio now gains 40% attack speed while his passive is available.
  • REMOVED: Colossal Smash is no longer affected by Ability Haste.

Winds of War

  • Magic Damage: 70/105/140/175/210 (+75% AP) ⇒ 70/105/140/175/210 (+70% AP)
  • Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 ⇒ 12/10.75/9.5/8.25/7 seconds

Shield of Durand (W)

  • Magic Damage Reduction: 25/30/35/40/45% (+5% per 100 AP) (+12% per 100 bonus magic resistance) ⇒ 20/25/30/35/40% (+4% per 100 AP) (+8% per 100 bonus magic resistance) (+ 1% per 100 bonus health)
  • Minimum Magic Damage: 20/35/50/65/80 (+30% AP) ⇒ 20/30/40/50/60 (+30% AP)

Justice Punch (E)

  • Magic Damage: 90/130/170/210/250 (+90% AP) ⇒ 75/115/155/195/235 (+90% AP)
  • Reduced Damage to Non-Champions: 50% ⇒ 20%

A major concern is the lack of a proven build path for tank Galio support with these changes effective. Traditionally a mid-laner, Galio's itemization often revolved around maximizing his magic damage. Now, players are left scrambling to find the optimal balance between tank stats and supportive prowess, if any. This frustration is seen in discussions across forums, with many questioning Riot's approach.

Everyone agrees this is a big shift for Galio. Even pro players like "Hexeria" confirm there's a learning curve. He has recently updated his Galio guide only to show how much the Colossus has changed, and players will need to experiment to figure out the best way to play the new Galio.

ADCs receive crit buffs but still no health increase

Patch 14.6 throws ADCs a bone with buffs to Infinity Edge's crit damage and a stat stick boost for Navori Quickblades. We're happy – maybe this is a step towards the 200% crit dream (remember that fight?). But hold on.

LoL Heavenscale Smolder splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

These buffs are cool, but assassins and bruisers can still one-shot these champions with ease. AD carries still remain glass cannons in a game full of burst damage. An ADC player on Reddit said it best: "More crits won't help if Talon deletes me."

Infinity Edge (IE): This core crit item gets a 10% boost to its critical strike damage, making those sweet crits hit even harder.

Navori Quickblades: This attack speed-focused item receives a small buff to its Attack Damage (AD) stat, giving ADCs using it a bit more overall power.

The problem is deeper than damage buffs. Fighter items give them damage, attack speed, AND survivability. They can brawl and survive. When it comes to AD carries, these champion’s items are pure damage and zero defence.

Many players will feel like sitting ducks. Although champions that rely heavily on critical strikes, like Caitlyn, Jhin, Jinx, Karma, and Aphelios, are expected to see the biggest boost from the Infinity Edge buff, it is not enough.

Luckily, the community has ideas.

  • Lower overall damage so ADCs can actually deal sustained damage, like the good ol' days.
  • Buff ADC core items (Kraken Slayer, Infinity Edge, etc.) to give these champions more health and resistance. They will be tanky enough to CARRY.

Our opinion is that the crit buffs are a good start. But we are worried it is a small fix for a big problem. The gap between fighter and marksman items is huge. Patch 14.6 might give us a little more pop, but until that gap closes, we might still be stuck on the sidelines, hoping Talon doesn't turn us into practice dummies. The community clearly wants to see a more balanced approach where ADCs can deal damage and survive the early-mid game battles.

If you want to learn more about LoL Patch 14.6, check out our 14.6 rundown, or the official full patch notes on the official LoL website here!

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