LoL 14.6 Patch Notes: All champion and item changes

LoL Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

The LoL Patch 14.6 patch notes have arrived, bringing major adjustments to the bot lane meta, with buffs for ADCs and nerfs for supports. This patch also aims to curb early lane snowballing, making playing from behind more feasible. The popular game mode, One for All, also returns this patch!

Based on information from Riot Phroxon, Patch 14.6 impacts 12 champions and 7 items, affecting various aspects of gameplay. With that said, let's dive right into what awaits us in the upcoming LoL Patch 14.6 update.

LoL Patch 14.6 release date

According to Riot’s patch schedule, League of Legends Patch 14.6 is expected to hit live servers on 20 March 2024. It will first arrive on Oceanic servers at 10 AM AEST and gradually roll out to other regions throughout the day.

Here are the key release times for different regions:

  • 3 AM PST (NA)
  • 5 AM GMT (EUW)
  • 3 AM CET (EUNE)
  • 8 AM KST (Korea)

LoL Patch 14.6 highlights

Patch 14.6 will address some long-standing issues with the bot lane meta, which many ADC mains are happy to hear about!

ADC receives buffs while Support nerfed

Responding to player concerns about ADC, Crit items are receiving buffs in Patch 14.6 to make them more competitive with on-hit and lethality builds. The goal is to improve the satisfaction of the role, especially in casual play, without overtuning their power in coordinated teams.

To balance this out, Supports will see a decrease in gold income, along with further nerfs to Solstice Sleigh and Doran’s starting items (which will become mutually exclusive with support income items).

LoL Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

Early lane snowballing takes a hit

Another change benefitting ADCs is the re-evaluation of early lane snowballing through powerful first-buy items like Serrated Dirk and Hextech Alternator. While these items previously rewarded early leads, they also created frustrating situations where one mistake during the early laning phase put opponents behind a near-unclimbable wall.

Patch 14.6 adjusts these items to be closer to 100% gold efficiency, making comebacks more realistic and requiring repeated success from the leading team to snowball effectively.

LoL 14.6 patch notes rundown

The notes for LoL Patch 14.6 reveal that Cho’Gath, Diana (Jungle), Ornn, Shen, Sion, and Tryndamere are getting some buffs. These champions have been struggling despite the item adjustments, and the patch aims to bring them back into the fold.

On the other hand, Briar, Gragas (Top), Karma (Mid), Senna (ADC), Smolder, and Volibear, will be nerfed. These champions have been dominating the game, particularly Smolder with his high win rate in all levels of play.

Here’s the full LoL 14.6 patch notes:

Champion changes

Champion buffs

  • Cho’Gath
    • W cooldown decreased from 13 - 9 to 11 - 9
    • E Spike damage increased from 22 - 170 to 22 - 82
  • Diana (Jungle)
    • Attack Speed ratio increased from 0.625 to 0.694
    • Attack Speed growth changed from 2.25% to 2%
    • Passive Attack Speed changed from 15-40% every third level to 15-35% scaling linearly
    • Active Attack Speed increased from three times for three seconds to three times for five seconds
  • Ornn
    • E cooldown decreased from 16-12 to 14-12
  • Shen
    • Passive cooldown refund changed from 4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5 to 4-7.5 linear level scaling
  • Sion
    • Q minimum damage changed from 40-120 + 45-75% total AD to 40-120 + 40-80% total AD
    • Q maximum damage changed from 90-350 + 135-225% total AD to 90-350 + 120-240% total AD
    • W Shield changed from 60-160 + 8-12% Max HP to 60-120 + 8-16% Max HP
  • Tryndamere
    • Attack Speed growth increased from 2.9% to 3.4%

Champion nerfs

  • Briar
    • W heal based on damage dealt decreased from 25/30/35/40/45% to 24/28/32/36/40%
    • W bonus Attack Speed decreased from 55/70/85/100/115% to 54/68/82/96/110%
    • R damage decreased from 150-450 + 50% bonus AD to 150-350 + 50% bonus AD
    • Briar can now jump to wards with Q
  • Gragas (Top)
    • Base Health decreased from 670 to 640
    • Q mana cost changed from 80/75/70/65/60 to 80 at all ranks
  • Karma (Mid)
    • Mana Growth decreased from 50 to 40
    • Mana Regen Growth changed from 0.5 to 0.8
    • Q Mana cost changed from 45 to 40/50/60/70/80
    • Passive cooldown refund decreased from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
    • R cooldown increased from 40/37/34/31 to 40/38/36/34
    • R+E Bonus Shield changed from : 25/75/125/175 (+45% AP) to 50/90/130/170 (+45% AP)
  • Senna (ADC)
    • Mist Wraith spawn rate on minion kill decreased from 8.333% to 2.8%
  • Smolder
    • Q Execute threshold increased from 2% (+0.025 % per stack) to 6.5% (Note: This started at 7.625% at 225 stacks)
      • Execute Conditions: Smolder only checks to execute units after Smolder's damage, meaning it will no longer execute off of allies' damage
    • W missile width decreased from 125 to 115
    • E bonus move speed decreased from 100% to 75%
  • Volibear
    • Q move speed decreased from 12/17/22/27/32% to 12/16/20/24/28%
    • R cooldown increased from 130/115/100 seconds to 140/120/100 seconds

Champion adjustments

  • Galio
    • Passive cooldown refunded by 3 per champ or epic monster hit with ability
    • Passive now grants 40% Attack Speed when available
    • Passive Base damage changed from 15-200 to 15-115
    • Passive AP Ratio decreased from 50% to 40%
    • Q cooldown changed from 12/11/10/9/8 seconds to 12/10.75/9.5/8.25/7 seconds
    • Q AP Ratio decreased from 75% to 70%
    • W DR changed from 5-45% (+ 5% per 100 AP)
      (+ 12% per 100 bonus MR) to 20-40% (+4% per 100 AP) (+8% per 100 bonus MR) (+1% per 100 HP)
    • W base damage decreased from 20-80 to 20-60
    • E base damage decreased from 90-250 >>> 75-235
    • E non-champion damage increased from 50% to 80%
  • Kayn
    • Q locks out items during animation (Profane Hydra)
    • Rhaast Q damage per hit increased from 65% Total AD + 5 (+3.5% bonus AD)% target's maximum health to 65% Total AD+6(+3.5% bonus AD)% target's maximum health
    • R Base/Assassin damage changed from : 150/250/350 (+175% Bonus AD) to 150/250/350 (+150% Bonus AD)

Item changes

Item buffs

  • Infinity Edge
    • Crit Damage increased from 40% to 50%
  • Navori Quickblades
    • AD increased from 60 to 65
    • Pickaxe replaced by BF Sword (Total price unchanged)
  • Lord Dominik's Regards
    • Armor Pen increased from 30% to 35%
  • Mortal Reminder
    • Armor Pen increased from 30% to 35%

Item nerfs

  • Solstice Sleigh
    • Buff duration decreased from 3 to 2.5 seconds
    • Move Speed decreased from 25% to 20%
  • Epic Item State Efficiency
    • Most epic items have been nerfed to 100-110% gold efficiency, placing them below one-component epics like BF Sword and NLR
  • Support Item Gold Income
    • Active gold reduced 25%
    • Quest targets decreased from 500/1000 to 400/800

Item adjustments

  • Voidgrubs
    • Decaying Shield on Death changed to Decaying Heal on Death (Health bar is now accurate for Smite)
  • Doran’s, Atlas, and Jungle Eggs
    • Now tagged as unique "Starting Items" and cannot be purchased together
LoL High Noon Evelynn splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

Alongside these changes is the arrival of several new skins to the fan-favourite High Noon skinline, featuring Evelynn (+Prestige), Yone (+Mythic), Gangplank, and Senna.

That was everything we know so far about the upcoming Patch 14.6 update for LoL. We will update this article with any new and updated information as soon as it's announced, so make sure to bookmark it!

Interested in learning more about LoL? We've got you covered! Learn about the stunning High Noon skins and how much they cost in our LoL High Noon Skins 2024 guide. The LoL dev team also offered their insights on Season 14 in a recent Dev Update video, dive right into it here!

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