LoL Empyrean Skins 2024: Release date, champions, & price

LoL Empyrean 2024 banner.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Empyrean 2024 banner.
Credit: Riot Games

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Riot Games regularly introduces a wide range of skins and cosmetics in League of Legends, resulting in a vast collection of thousands of skins. While some skin lines have a futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetic, there are many others that exude an ethereal and breathtaking beauty.

Among these captivating skin collections is the Empyrean collection in League of Legends. Once again, players of the game are eagerly anticipating a journey into a realm filled with vibrant colors, as Riot Games has unveiled a fresh lineup of champions for the Empyrean skin collection.

New Empyrean skins for MSI 2024

Riot Games introduced exclusive event pass and bundles for MSI 2023, along with a fresh skinline named Inkshadow. However, this year's tournament will not feature a new skinline.

Instead, it will bring new skins to the beloved Empyrean skinline. In the upcoming month of May, six new champions will showcase their stunning Empyrean iterations.

League of Legends Empyrean Skins 2024
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LoL Empyrean Skins

Based on the official lore, Neon Strata consists of a collection of alternate universe skins within the game League of Legends. This particular universe depicts a scenario where the Foreglow has the ability to turn champions into a powerful otherworldly entity known as Empyrean.

It says: "The first Empyrean, Pyke, tears through the realms on a destructive rampage against his counterparts, birthing new Empyreans in the process. Who will reign supreme as these new powerhouses emerge, and what will they do with their rapidly dwindling time left?"

Empyrean skins 2024 champion lineup and release date

The upcoming additions to this skinline will include the following new champions:

  • Nocturne
  • Varus
  • Brand
  • Malzahar
  • Akali
  • Kayle

As of now, the pricing of these skins remains uncertain. We will update the information regarding the individual RP cost as soon as we acquire it.

In the meantime, a Prestige edition of the Empyrean Kayle skin will also be made available, while Varus is set to recieve a Legendary skin.

These skins will officially make their debut on 1 May 2024, coinciding with Patch 14.9, bringing the return of Arena mode, the long-awaited Lee Sin ASU, and the commencement of the Mid-Season Invitational 2024.

Other Empyrean skins

The remaining skins included in this collection are as follows:

  • Empyrean Pyke
  • Empyrean Jax
  • Empyrean Jhin
  • Empyrean K'Sante (made in collaboration with Lil Nas X)
  • Empyrean Lux
  • Empyrean Vex
  • Empyrean Zac
  • Empyrean Zed

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